Managing Dollar Rules & Requisitions

Create purchasing rules and an approval hierarchy within your organization with dollar rules and requisitions.

Dollar Rules

Business account administrators can create and manage purchasing rules for different users in your organization:

  • Dollar limit rules prohibit purchases that exceed a certain amount, either by unit price or order total
  • Dollar approval rules ensure orders are approved before submission if the total exceeds a certain amount or they include a product that exceeds a certain amount

Note: Dollar rules must be set up by the administrator prior to use of Requisitions.

The Dollar Rules Dashboard (only visible to account administrators) allows you to search for a specific rule and sort by rule type (dollar limit or dollar approval). It’s designed to provide easy access to:

  • Assign and unassign users to rules
  • Create new rules
  • Edit existing rules


To create an approval hierarchy for purchasing within your organization, use our requisitions functionality. Users that must adhere to certain dollars rules can submit their orders as requisitions for approval to the right approver. Approvers can then edit, approve, or deny these requests.  

Learn More About the Capabilities of Different User Types

Once Dollar Rules are set by your administrator, users and approvers can use the Requisitions Dashboard to easily:

  • View the details of open requests
  • Sort closed requisitions by status, or search for a particular one
  • Get a quick glimpse at various details from closed requisitions
  • See the details of a request, including:
  • Shipping information
  • Billing information
  • Order summary
  • Items included
  • Requisition activity
  • Comments from other users
  • Edit select details of a requisition, including item quantities

All users can specify the types of requisition notifications they’d like to receive.

Download the Requisitions Quick Reference Guide