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Westcott™ All Purpose Value Scissors <img src=

Westcott™ All Purpose Value Scissors Products for Science Education

Scissors with stainless steel blades

Westcott™ Multi-Purpose Personal Trimmer <img src=

Westcott™ Multi-Purpose Personal Trimmer Products for Science Education

Trimmer with translucent guard

English/Metric Meter Sticks <img src=

English/Metric Meter Sticks Products for Science Education

Available with plain or metal ends.

Westcott™ Safety Cutter <img src=

Westcott™ Safety Cutter Products for Science Education

Safe box opener with steel blade box plunger. Pefect for use in the warehouse or mail room.

Westcott™ Stainless Steel Office Ruler With Non Slip Cork Base <img src=

Westcott™ Stainless Steel Office Ruler With Non Slip Cork Base Products for Science Education

Scissors flexible for measuring curved surfaces

Teacher's Shears <img src=

Teacher's Shears Products for Science Education

Multi-purpose and very sharp.

Stainless-Steel Scissors, Pointed <img src=

Stainless-Steel Scissors, Pointed Products for Science Education

Won't rust or corrode with repeated use.

Westcott™ Ceramic Safety Knife <img src=

Westcott™ Ceramic Safety Knife Products for Science Education

Capable of cutting the largest of boxes the blade retracts for easy storage, allowing you to open boxes with ease

Westcott™ Compact Retractable Ceramic Box Opener <img src=

Westcott™ Compact Retractable Ceramic Box Opener Products for Science Education

Has comfortable rounded edges and can easily be carried featuring safe and easy blade change

Westcott™ Kids Scissors With Anti-Microbial Protection <img src=

Westcott™ Kids Scissors With Anti-Microbial Protection Products for Science Education

Keeps products from degrading by preventing the growth of microorganisms. It's ideal for products that are shared around the home, office or school.

Westcott™ One-Hole Manual Pencil Sharpeners <img src=

Westcott™ One-Hole Manual Pencil Sharpeners Products for Science Education

Manual pencil sharpener with a steel blade

Westcott™ Straight Titanium Bonded Scissors <img src=

Westcott™ Straight Titanium Bonded Scissors Products for Science Education

Provides three times the strength of classic stainless steel blades and they stay sharp and effective even after long use. The redesigned ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort during use.

Westcott™ Full Size Safety Cutter Non Replaceable <img src=

Westcott™ Full Size Safety Cutter Non Replaceable Products for Science Education

Engineered to provide consistent cutting performance across mass packaging materials

Westcott™ Multi-Purpose Guillotine Trimmer <img src=

Westcott™ Multi-Purpose Guillotine Trimmer Products for Science Education

Trimmer with stainless steel cutting blade

Westcott™ Aluminum Yard/Meter Stick <img src=

Westcott™ Aluminum Yard/Meter Stick Products for Science Education

Yard/Meter stick for use in the home, office or classroom

Westcott™ Hard Handle Kids Scissors <img src=

Westcott™ Hard Handle Kids Scissors Products for Science Education

Products are specifically designed for growing students, created to be fun and functional with superior quality and exceptional value.

Westcott™ Straight Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors with Adjustable Glide Feature <img src=

Westcott™ Straight Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors with Adjustable Glide Feature Products for Science Education

Glide provides a no tool adjustable glide technology for optimal cutting performance which allows less tension for thin materials and higher tension for thicker material

Westcott™ Data Processing Magnifying Ruler <img src=

Westcott™ Data Processing Magnifying Ruler Products for Science Education

Ruler with translucent color allows for viewing through to the page