Altay Scientific

Altay Scientific Head and Neck Musculature Model Products for Science Education

Shows the muscles of the head, neck and superior thoracic region.

Altay Scientific Flexible Vertebral Column Model Products for Science Education

Includes representations of the vertebral arteries, spinal nerve branches and a prolapsed L3-L4 intervertebral disc.

Altay Scientific Male and Female Skeletal Pelvis Model Products for Science Education

Complete life size skeleton consisting of the pelvic bones (ischium, ilium and pubis), sacrum, coccyx and symphysis.

Altay Scientific Human Skull Products for Science Education

A detailed reproduction of a life size human skull with all structural details.

Altay Scientific Cell Mitosis Model Products for Science Education

Nine-part set shows main stages of mammalian cell mitosis at 10,000 life size.

Altay™ Scientific Frog Model Products for Science Education

3X life-size model provides a highly accurate illustration of the morphology of a frog.

Altay™ Scientific Anatomy Model: Dicot Root Section (Leguminosae) Products for Science Education

Life-size model of typical dicot root cross and longitudinal section (400X).

Altay Scientific Human Muscular Skull Products for Science Education

Three part, life-size model reproduces human skull in great detail.

Altay Scientific Mini Musculature Figure Products for Science Education

Mini model of human superficial musculature.

Altay Scientific Shoulder with Deep Muscle Model Products for Science Education

Single piece life size model illustrates in great details the muscles, ligament and bones of the shoulder.

Altay™ Scientific Fetal Pig Dissection Model Products for Science Education

Excellent tool to teach the process of dissection.

Altay™ Scientific Human Skeleton Models Products for Science Education

High-quality models made of durable polyvinyl resin show exceptional attention to anatomical accuracy and detail.

Altay Scientific Muscles of the Human Leg Model Products for Science Education

Life size model helps to understand complete anatomy of the human leg.

Altay Scientific Open-Back Unisex Torso, 17-Part Products for Science Education

Back is dissected to show muscular layers, vertebral column, spinal cord and nerve branches.

Altay™ Scientific Eye with Orbit, 11-Part Products for Science Education

Model shows the eyeball at five times normal size.

Altay™ Scientific Dental Caries Model Products for Science Education

This model composed of 7 parts is 4X life size and shows progressive deterioration of tooth structure by dental caries.

Altay Scientific™ Regional Brain, Two-Part Products for Science Education

Full-size model features color-coding to identify different regions of the brain.

Altay Scientific Muscle of the Human Arm Model, 7 Parts Products for Science Education

Shows anatomical structure of the arm, complete with superficial and deeper muscles, vascular structures, nerves and ligaments in greater detail.

Altay Scientific Human Disarticulated Skeleton, Full Products for Science Education

Life size model shows the complete human skeleton with separated bones.

Altay™ Scientific Three-Part Colored Skull Products for Science Education

Life-size model uses color to differentiate bones of the skull.

Altay™ Scientific Cardiac Muscle Structure Model Products for Science Education

Model shows the microanatomy of the cardiac muscle fiber.

Altay Scientific Muscular Torso Dual-Sex Open Back Products for Science Education

Provides realistic reproduction of anatomical structures in their finest detail.

Altay™ Scientific Dual-Sex Torso, 25-Part Products for Science Education

Life-size, closed-back torso with separate, interchangeable male and female urogenital systems.

Altay Scientific Cell Meiosis Model Products for Science Education

Twelve-piece model shows main stages of animal meiosis at 10,000 times life size.

Altay Scientific™ Torso Models Products for Science Education

Ensures durability, enviromental friendliness as well as natural look.

Altay™ Scientific Anatomy Model: Human Digestive System Products for Science Education

Life size model represents human digestive tract from mouth cavity to rectum.

Altay™ Scientific Muscles of the Human Leg, 13-Part Products for Science Education

This 13-part model shows, in great detail, the anatomical structure of the leg, complete with superficial and deeper muscles, vascular structures, nerves and ligaments.

Altay™ Scientific Anatomy Model: Human Circulatory System Products for Science Education

Two part model represents a general view of human circulation.

Altay™ Scientific Physics Magnetics Systems Products for Science Education

Combine quality, economy and a complete system for teaching magnetics.

Altay™ Scientific Smooth Muscle Structure Model Products for Science Education

Model shows smooth muscle cells with their typical fusiform shape.