American Peptide Kemptide

Synthetic peptide substrate corresponding to part of the phosphyorylation site sequence in porcine liver pyruvate kinase

American Peptide™ Glucagon and Related Peptides

Hormones, precursors and antagonists

American Peptide Corticotropin Releasing Factor, Human, Rat

Hypothalamic hormone that stimulates the synthesis and release of ACTH from the anterior pituitary

American Peptide Melittin

Binds calmodulin, activates phospholipase A2, and inhibits protein kinase C by binding to the catalytic domain in a Mg-ATP sensitive manner

American Peptide R-G-D-C Peptide

For research applications

American Peptide [DPro2, DTrp6, 8, Nle10] Neurokinin B

Regulation of the cardiovascular system, pain pathway and inflammation

American Peptide Somatostatin

Inhibits release of growth hormone, thyrotropin stimulating hormone and prolactic releasing hormone from pituitary

American Peptide Gastrin Releasing Peptide, Human

In different molecular sizes and from a variety of species

American Peptide Bradykinin

Contracts smooth muscles, relax blood vessels and increase vascular permeability

American Peptide RES-701-3 Peptides

Beta peptide bond Gly1-Asp9

American Peptide OVA Peptide (257-264)

Subcutaneous immunization with this peptide could induce OVA-specific, CD8+ CTLs that lyse the OVA-expressing target

American Peptide Angiotensin II (3-8), Human

Binds specifically with a new angiotensin binding site that distinguishes and separates from angiotensin II receptors

American Peptide™, Endothelin-3, Human

Vasoconstrictor peptides

American Peptide Ac-YVAD-AMC

Fluorogenic IL-1beta Converting Enzyme substrate

American Peptide Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide II, Human

Dilate Blood vessels, relax smooth muscle and cause cardiac positive inotropic effects