Comprehensive Loss Management, Inc

CLMI DVD Kit For Hearing Conservation Training

Uses high end graphic production techniques, creative dialog and compelling visuals that encourage smart hearing protection choices

CLMI DVD Kit For Housekeeping Training

Supports importance of proper housekeeping methods

CLMI DVD Kit For Machine Safeguarding Training

Illustrates how to identify and correct hazardous areas in workplace

CLMI DVD Kit For GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets Training

Provides new system for classification of chemical hazards, and standardized approach to labels and safety data sheets

CLMI DVD Kit For Office Ergonomics Training

Explains how to avoid fatigue, strain and stress that can result from poor office setup

CLMI DVD Kit For Lockout/Tagout - Authorized/Affected workers

Presents information to employees who are not directly working with lockout/tagout process

CLMI DVD Kit For Construction Fall Protection Training

Explains importance of using correct fall protection

CLMI DVD Kit For Powered Pallet Jack Safety Training

Designed to provide employees with equipment-specific training

CLMI DVD Kit For Chemical Safety Training

Provides information on use of chemicals

CLMI DVD Kit For Electrical Safety Training

Available in English, English/Spanish combination

CLMI DVD Kit For Personal Protective Equipment Training

Provides information on various types of personal protective equipment

CLMI DVD Kit For Ladder Safety Training

Includes information on step ladders, extension ladders and articulated or multi-purpose ladders.

CLMI DVD Kit For Accident Investigation Training

Explains how to properly handle accidents when they occur

CLMI™ Effective Safety Committees Video Kit

Help members understand their roles and responsibilities in safety process

CLMI DVD Kit For Reach Truck Safety Training

Designed to provide employees with equipment-specific training

CLMI DVD Kit For Fire Extinguishers Training

Provides information on how to properly use fire extinguisher if fire should break out