CLMI™ Effective Safety Committees Video Kit

Help members understand their roles and responsibilities in safety process

CLMI DVD Kit For Personal Protective Equipment Training

Provides information on various types of personal protective equipment

CLMI DVD Kit For Basics of Ergonomics Training

Contains two modules: Basics of ergonomics (module 1), Elements of an Ergonomics Program (module 2)

CLMI DVD Kit For Forklift Safety Training

Educates employees on most common type of equipment - sit down, counter balanced forklift

CLMI DVD Kit For Emergency Preparedness Training

Explains what employees need to know, what to do and react in way that protects them from harm

CLMI DVD Kit For Order Picker Safety Training

Designed to provide employees with equipment-specific training

CLMI DVD Kit For Accident Investigation Training

Explains how to properly handle accidents when they occur

CLMI DVD Kit For Respiratory Protection Training

Designed to provide employees with basics of respiratory protection

CLMI DVD Kit For Eye Protection Training

Teaches employees how to protect their eyes from debilitating injury

CLMI DVD Kit For Confined Space Entry Training

Allows employees to witness realistic depiction of an impropper entry into a confined space

CLMI DVD Kit For Powered Pallet Jack Safety Training

Designed to provide employees with equipment-specific training

CLMI DVD Kit For Ladder Safety Training

Includes information on step ladders, extension ladders and articulated or multi-purpose ladders.

CLMI DVD Kit For Elements of Back Care Training

Provides specific information about proper back care and injury prevention

CLMI DVD Kit For Chemical Safety Training

Provides information on use of chemicals

CLMI DVD Kit For GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets Training

Provides new system for classification of chemical hazards, and standardized approach to labels and safety data sheets

CLMI DVD Kit For Safety Program Management Training

Transforms projects to simple and clear process that anyone can adhere to

CLMI DVD Kit For Fire Extinguishers Training

Provides information on how to properly use fire extinguisher if fire should break out