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Lyle and Louise: Bad Impressions™ Bite Marks Analysis Products for Science Education

Introduces forensic odontology and the techniques used for bite mark analysis.

Lyle and Louise: Shoe Must Fit™ Footprint Analysis Products for Science Education

Using a shoe print collected at the crime scene, students will be able to determine critical information about the fictional criminal by analyzing and comparing shoe castings.

Lyle and Louise: Shot in the Dark™ Bullet Striations Products for Science Education

Discover details about the events surrounding a murder.

Lyle and Louise: The Smoking Gun™ Gunshot Residue Products for Science Education

Determine if the suspicious powder found on several surfaces at crime scenes is gunpowder or another substance.

Lyle and Louise: Patterns of Murder™ Blood Spatter Analysis Products for Science Education

Blood spatter analysis provides more clues to the mystery.

Lyle and Louise: Stained with Suspicion™ Blood Detection and Evidence Processing Products for Science Education

Introduces students to presumptive blood tests and evidence processing.

Lyle and Louise: Strands of Evidence™ Hair and Fiber Analysis Products for Science Education

Provides introduction to evidence handling and comparison as performed at a murder scene.

Desolation STEM: Total Redox™ Fuel Cells Products for Science Education

Measure and model electrical potential, current, power and energy.

Lyle and Louise: Read the Found Prints™ Fingerprint Analysis Products for Science Education

For the identification of an individual's fingerprints.

Lyle and Louise: An Identity Crisis™ DNA Typing Products for Science Education

Introduces gel electrophoresis, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Short Tandem Repeat (STR) DNA analysis.

Lyle and Louise: Prescription for Crime™ Drug Testing and Analysis Products for Science Education

Helps students determine the identity of a white powder found in an abandoned truck.

Lyle and Louise: Nature's Witness™ Forensic Entomology Products for Science Education

Learn how forensic entomologists use maggots to determine the post-mortem interval.

Desolation STEM: High and Dry™ Solar Water Heating Kit Products for Science Education

Design and build a device to concentrate thermal energy delivered to an area to melt ice.

Lyle and Louise: A Burning Question™ Fire Debris Analysis Products for Science Education

Hands-on forensic science curriculum introduces forensic odontology and the techniques used for fire debris analysis.

Lyle and Louise: The Jagged Edge™ Glass Fragment Identification Products for Science Education

Examine the refractive index of various glass fragments.