Genlantis / Gene Therapy Systems, Inc

Genlantis™ TurboCells™ BL21Competent Cells

High-level E. coli expression using three-minute transformation protocol

Genlantis™ BioPORTER™ Protein Delivery Reagents and Kits

Translocate functional proteins directly into a wide range of cell types

Genlantis™ SoluLyse™ Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent

Efficient and gentle extraction of soluble proteins from bacteria

Genlantis™ Zeus™ Electroporation Cuvets

Compatible with all common electroporation devices

Genlantis™ PrimaPure™ Fibroblasts

High-quality human adult, fetal, and neonatal fibroblasts

Genlantis™ BioCooler™ Cold Box

Convenient benchtop cooler for optimal enzyme stability

Genlantis™ BioCooler™ Cell Storage Box

Convenient benchtop cooler for cell viability preservation

Genlantis™ BioCooler™ Mini Cold Box

Versatile mini benchtop cooler for temperature sensitive reagents

Genlantis™ MycoScope™ PCR Detection Kit

Designed for sensitive detection of mycoplasma using PCR

Genlantis™ GenePORTER™ Transfection Reagents and Kits

High-efficiency, serum-free transfection of a broad spectrum of adherent and suspension cells

Genlantis™ EZ-Spread™ Plating Beads

Allows you to easily and safely spread bacterial and yeast cells across the surface of an agar plate

Genlantis™ CloneCatcher™ Gold DH5G Electrocompetent E. coli

The Highest Efficiency Electrocompetent Cells

Genlantis™ GeneSilencer™ siRNA Transfection Reagents

Novel cationic lipid formulation specifically designed for efficient delivery of siRNAs (small interfering RNAs) into a wide variety of cell types

Genlantis™ Dicer siRNA Generation Kits

Easily, economically generate functional siRNAs

Genlantis™ Detachin™ Cell Detachment Reagent

Gentle, rapid detachment of a wide range of cells

Genlantis™ gWiz™ Vectors

High-level transient expression in mammalian cells

Genlantis™ Subculturing Reagents

Functionally tested subculturing reagents for primary cells