Millennium Sciences Inc

Millennium Sciences™ Cell-VU Prestained Slides

Used for simplified and convenient manual hematology staining that is safer with less exposure to reagents and stains

Millennium Sciences CELL-VU™ Disposable Sperm Count Cytometers

Cytometers, Sperm Count; CELL-VU; For undiluted specimens; Disposable; 3 x 1 in. glass slide and coverslip w/counting grid etched on surface; Slide has 2 chambers for dual determinations; 25 slides and 50 cover slips/box

Millennium Sciences™ CELL-VU™ CBC Disposable Hemacytometers

Ideal for manual erythrocyte, leukocyte, platelet, and eosinophil cell counts, the disposable CELL-VU Hemacytometer consists of a standard (3 × 1 in.) specially designed glass slide and coverslip

Millennium Sciences™ Gridded Coverslip

Made from the highest-borosilicate glass