Sigma Aldrich

Sigma Diagnostics™ Sigmacote&trade

Reacts with surface silanol groups on glass to produce a neutral, hydrophobic, microscopically thin film

Sigma Diagnostics™ Histopaque™-1077 Cell Separation Medium

Facilitates recovery of large numbers of viable lymphocytes and other mononuclear cells from small volumes of whole blood. Sigma-Aldrich™ Histopaque™-1077 is suitable for human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) typing and as the initial isolation step prior to enumeration of T, B, and 'null' lymphocytes.

Sigma Diagnostics™ Wright-Giemsa Stain, Modified

Used in staining blood or bone marrow films

Sigma Diagnostics™ Phosphate buffer pH 7.2 at 25°C

For use as a buffer in various Romanowsky type staining procedures

Sigma Diagnostics™ Wright Stain, Modified

Used for differentially staining the cellular elements of blood

Sigma Diagnostics™ Histopaque™-1083 Solution

Facilitates recovery of viable mononuclear cells from rats, mice, and other small mammals. Sigma-Aldrich™ Histopaque™-1083 is for R&D use only, not for drug, household, or other uses.

Sigma Diagnostics™ Giemsa stain, modified

Used in staining blood or bone marrow films

Sigma Diagnostics™ Accuspin™ Histopaque™-1077 System

Employs centrifuge tubes specially designed with two chambers separated by a porous high-density polyethylene barrier (“frit”). Sigma-Aldrich™ ACCUSPIN™ - System-Histopaque™ -1077 System allows the addition of anticoagulated whole blood without risk of mixing with the separation medium.

Sigma Diagnostics™ Silver Stain (Modified GMS) Kit

Intended for use in the histologic demonstration of fungi, basement membrane and some opportunistic organisms such as Pneumocystis carinii in tissue sections or smears

Sigma Diagnostics™ May-Grunwald Stain

For differential staining of cellular elements of blood

Sigma Diagnostics™ Eosin Y Solution, Alcoholic with Phloxine

General-purpose cytoplasmic counterstain

Sigma Diagnostics™ Reticulocyte Stain

Used for the identification of reticulocytes in blood films

Congo Red, Certified, Sigma-Aldrich™

CAS: 573-58-0 Molecular Formula: C32H22N6Na2O6S2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 696.664 InChI Key: IQFVPQOLBLOTPF-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: Cosmos Red PubChem CID: 11313 ChEBI: CHEBI:34653

Sigma Diagnostics™ Eosin Y Solution, aqueous

General purpose cytoplasmic counterstain

Sigma Diagnostics™ Poly-L-lysine Solution

Can be used in promoting cell adhesion to solid substrates

Sigma Diagnostics™ Histology Stains and Reagents - Schiff's Reagent

For the demonstration of lymphocytes and mucopolysaccharides

Sigma Diagnostics™ Phosphotungstic Acid Solution

Intended for use in the Sigma Masson Trichrome Procedure, HT15

Sigma Diagnostics™ Malachite Green Solution

Acts as both a counterstain and a differentiator

Sigma Diagnostics™ Fetal Hemoglobin Kit

Used for acid elution of adult hemoglobin and semi-quantitative determination of fetal hemoglobin in blood smears

Sigma Diagnostics™ Eosin Y Solution, alcoholic

General-purpose cytoplasmic counterstain

Sigma Diagnostics™ Fast Red Violet LB Base Solution

Used as kit component in Procedure 91

Sigma Diagnostics™ Trichrome Stain (Masson) Kit

Intended for use in the study of connective tissue, muscle and collagen fibers

Sigma Diagnostics™ Reticulum Stain Kit

Intended to demonstrate reticular fibers in tissue sections

Sigma Diagnostics™ Periodic Acid Schiff Kit (PAS) Kit

For demonstration of lymphocytes and mucopolysaccharides in tissue sections

Sigma Diagnostics™ Cresyl Violet acetate

For Nissl staining of paraffin sections of spinal cord and brain and to stain cartilage and mast cell granules

Sigma Diagnostics™ Crystal Violet Solution

For Gram's staining of heat-fixed films and tissue

Sigma Diagnostics™ Mucicarmine Stock Solution

Stains mucin of epithelial origin in tissue