Sigma Aldrich

Sigma Diagnostics™ Histopaque™-1077 Cell Separation Medium

Facilitates recovery of large numbers of viable lymphocytes and other mononuclear cells from small volumes of whole blood. Sigma-Aldrich™ Histopaque™-1077 is suitable for human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) typing and as the initial isolation step prior to enumeration of T, B, and 'null' lymphocytes.

Sigma Diagnostics™ Wright Stain, Modified

Used for differentially staining the cellular elements of blood

Sigma Diagnostics™ Sigmacote&trade

Reacts with surface silanol groups on glass to produce a neutral, hydrophobic, microscopically thin film

Sigma Diagnostics™ Phosphate buffer pH 7.2 at 25°C

For use as a buffer in various Romanowsky type staining procedures

Sigma Diagnostics™ Poly-Prep Slides

Coated with poly-L-lysine for tissue section adhesion in routine histological uses

Sigma Diagnostics™ Wright-Giemsa Stain, Modified

Used in staining blood or bone marrow films

Sigma Diagnostics™ Histopaque™-1083 Solution

Facilitates recovery of viable mononuclear cells from rats, mice, and other small mammals. Sigma-Aldrich™ Histopaque™-1083 is for R&D use only, not for drug, household, or other uses.

Congo Red, Certified, Sigma-Aldrich™

CAS: 573-58-0 Molecular Formula: C32H22N6Na2O6S2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 696.664 InChI Key: IQFVPQOLBLOTPF-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: Cosmos Red PubChem CID: 11313 ChEBI: CHEBI:34653 IUPAC Name: disodium;4-amino-3-[[4-[4-[(1-amino-4-sulfonatonaphthalen-2-yl)diazenyl]phenyl]phenyl]diazenyl]naphthalene-1-sulfonate SMILES: C1=CC=C2C(=C1)C(=CC(=C2N)N=NC3=CC=C(C=C3)C4=CC=C(C=C4)N=NC5=C(C6=CC=CC=C6C(=C5)S(=O)(=O)[O-])N)S(=O)(=O)[O-].[Na+].[Na+]

Sigma Diagnostics™ Reticulocyte Stain

Used for the identification of reticulocytes in blood films

Sigma Diagnostics™ Poly-L-lysine Solution

Can be used in promoting cell adhesion to solid substrates

Sigma Diagnostics™ Fetal Hemoglobin Kit

For acid elution, semi-quantitative determination of fetal hemoglobin in blood smears

Sigma Diagnostics™ Iron Stain Kit

For histologic staining of iron in blood or bone marrow films

Sigma Diagnostics™ Giemsa stain, modified

Used in staining blood or bone marrow films

Sigma Diagnostics™ Bouin's Solution

Fixative for preserving soft and delicate structures

Sigma Diagnostics™ Neutral Red Solution

Used as red nuclear counterstain in various cytochemical procedures

Sigma Diagnostics™ May-Grunwald Stain

For differential staining of cellular elements of blood

Sigma Diagnostics™ Peroxidase (Myeloperoxidase) Leukocyte Kit

Demonstrates polymorphonuclear cells in blood or bone marrow films

Sigma Diagnostics™ Malachite Green Solution

Acts as both a counterstain and a differentiator

Sigma Diagnostics™ Crystal Violet Solution

For Gram's staining of heat-fixed films and tissue

Sigma Diagnostics™ Leukocyte Alkaline Phosphatase Kit

Based on naphthol AS-MX phosphate and fast blue RR salt

Sigma Diagnostics™ Leukocyte Alkaline Phosphatase Kit

Based on naphthol AS-MX phosphate and fast red violet B salt

Sigma Diagnostics™ Papanicolaou Stains

For routine diagnostic cytology to aid in the identification and classification of exfoliative cells

Sigma Diagnostics™ Gold chloride solution

Used for the toning of sections stained with the Silver Methanamine procedure

Sigma Diagnostics™ Gram stain for films

For delineating Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms in films

Sigma Diagnostics™ Eosin Y Solution, aqueous

General purpose cytoplasmic counterstain

Sigma Diagnostics™ Carbol-fuchsin solution

Used to demonstrate Mycobacterium tuberculosis in tissue sections and on smears

Sudan IV, Certified, Sigma-Aldrich™

CAS: 85-83-6 Molecular Formula: C24H20N4O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 380.451 InChI Key: KMDLOETUWUPGMB-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: Biebrich scarlet R fat soluble PubChem CID: 6797604 IUPAC Name: 1-[[2-methyl-4-[(2-methylphenyl)diazenyl]phenyl]hydrazinylidene]naphthalen-2-one SMILES: CC1=CC=CC=C1N=NC2=CC(=C(C=C2)NN=C3C(=O)C=CC4=CC=CC=C43)C