Science First

Millikan Apparatus Products for Science Education

Shows the discreteness of an electronic charge and measures the charge on an electron.

Teaching Compass Products for Science Education

Great aid for understanding the basics of orienteering.

Science First™ Splash Guard Products for Science Education

Resists chemical attack and wanton projectiles, yet transparent enough to allow a full view of what's cooking.

Fieldmaster™ Plankton Net Products for Science Education

Made from durable Nitex™ nylon for greater mesh size accuracy.

Bottle Rocket Launcher Products for Science Education

Get a quantitative idea of the effects of varying moments of inertia.

Science First™ Refracting Telescope Kit Products for Science Education

Students make a working refracting telescope

Science First™ Turbidity Tubes Products for Science Education

Determine the degree of visibility when a Secchi disk can't be used.

Orienteering Compass and Kits Products for Science Education

Basic, accurate compass to get started with map and compass work.

Boyle's Law and Absolute Zero Products for Science Education

Visualize the basic relationshiop between pressure, volume, and temperature of gases.

Trippensee™ Milky Way Galaxy Model Products for Science Education

Transparent model illustrates the mysteries of the Milky Way.

Magdeburg Hemisphere Products for Science Education

Great demonstration of air pressure and vacuums.

Science First™ Basic Electric Motor Kit Products for Science Education

Build a real working motor for classroom exercises, science fairs and more.

Science First™ Small Van de Graaff Generator, 200kV: Replacement Belt Products for Science Education

Replacement belt for Small Van de Graaff Generator, 200kV.

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope and Rotating Platform Products for Science Education

Bring gyroscopic forces to life.

Science First™ Contour Map Making Kit Products for Science Education

Learn how to read and make contour maps.

Puck Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates collisions in two dimensions.

Density of Solids Kit Products for Science Education

Show that volume and mass relate to density.

29-Series Pop Beads Products for Science Education

Create models of DNA strand, DNA replication, RNA conversion, cell organelles, ribosomes, mitochondria and a nucleus.

Simple Form Truss Products for Science Education

Demonstrate and quantify the effect of force.

Science First™ Faraday Cage Kit Products for Science Education

Teach the principles of lightning

Acrylic Refraction Cube Products for Science Education

Perfect for index of refraction and total internal reflection experiments.

Density Ball Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the effects of temperature and mineral content on density

Ring Magnets Products for Science Education

Study magnetic attraction and repulsion.

Fieldmaster™ AquaVue™ Products for Science Education

Place one end of the tube below the water surface to improve the visibility of aquatic plant and animal life as well as Secchi disc studies.

Collision in 2-D Apparatus Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the laws of conservation of momentum and energy.

Science First™ Magnetic Ballistics Car Products for Science Education

Shows how horizontal component is independent of vertical component.

While You Were Out Series Products for Science Education

Never leave your substitute high and dry again.