Lift Pump Products for Science Education

Demonstrate how a well pump works.

Science First™ Electroflash Electronics Kit Products for Science Education

Activities adapt for both primary and secondary school students.

Salinity Refractometer Products for Science Education

Portable device measures the percentage of salt in any body of water.

Elementary Lighted Planetarium Products for Science Education

Beginning model shows individual concepts, one at a time

Acrylic Refraction Cube Products for Science Education

Perfect for index of refraction and total internal reflection experiments.

Science First™ Liquid Conductivity Indicator Products for Science Education

Determine the conductivity of different liquids or concentrations.

Disc Magnets Products for Science Education

Demonstrate 2-D collisions and scattering.

Equal Mass Set Products for Science Education

Study the relationship between mass and density

Science First™ Magnetic Earth Model Products for Science Education

This is a great demonstration of the earth's magnetic field.

Density Rod Products for Science Education

Same tool used by scientists to trace ocean currents.

Trippensee™ Milky Way Galaxy Model Products for Science Education

Transparent model illustrates the mysteries of the Milky Way.

Science First™ Student Launcher Photogate Products for Science Education

Photogates specifically designed to work with Student Projectile Launcher Fisher Cat.S06664.

Solar Motion Model Products for Science Education

Trace the path of the sun.

29-Series Pop Beads Products for Science Education

Create models of DNA strand, DNA replication, RNA conversion, cell organelles, ribosomes, mitochondria and a nucleus.

Copernican Solar System Products for Science Education

Explains the planets and asteroid belt of our Sun's system

Science First™ Field Map Kit Products for Science Education

Group and compare lab plots and see representations of electrical fields.

Science First™ Colony Counter Products for Science Education

Allows you to count microorganisms with ease and accuracy.

Science First™ Mitosis/Meiosis Cell Model Products for Science Education

Teach mitosis, meiosis, cellular division, genetic inheritance and more with this colorful set of snap-together plastic pieces.

Science First™ Variable Speed Stroboscope Rotator Products for Science Education

With fixed-speed, shaded-pole motor providing a constant rotation at 3000rpm.

Trippensee™ Illuminated Planetarium, Motorized Products for Science Education

Completely automated model includes simulated and synchronized orbits of the moon, Earth, and Venus.

Smart Photogate Timer Products for Science Education

Versatile and accurate timer with seven functions.

Wave Generators Products for Science Education

Variable or adjustable phase wave generators available to show different wave effects.

Science First™ Starlab™ Holographic Diffraction Grating Sheet Products for Science Education

This specially developed, high-efficiency diffraction grating is 100 times more efficient than acetate gratings.

Sling Psychrometer Kit Products for Science Education

Determine dew point and relative humidity.

Student Cell Kits Products for Science Education

Build a voltaic, storage, coulometer, dry or Daniel cell.

Science First™ Intermediate Force Table Products for Science Education

Classic way to study force and vectors.

Jacob's Ladder Products for Science Education

Fascinating depiction of the power of static electricity.

Physics Balls Products for Science Education

Accessories for various physics apparatus.