Science First

Science First™ Solar System Scale Model Kit Products for Science Education

Colorful kit demonstrates the relative locations and size of the planets, sun, and moon.

Equal Mass Set Products for Science Education

Study the relationship between mass and density

Fieldmaster™ Plankton Sampling Kit Products for Science Education

Complete kit for obtaining samples of phyto and zooplankton from lakes and ponds for later study in the lab

Thermoelectricity Demo Products for Science Education

Illustrate the Seebeck Effect

Fieldmaster™ Lake Bottom Sampling Kit Products for Science Education

Complete kit for obtaining samples from the bottom of a pond or lake

Science First™ Variable Induction Kit Products for Science Education

Current induced into a circuit is constantly changing and this effect is most notable for its use in RF transmitters.

Orienteering Compass and Kits Products for Science Education

Basic, accurate compass to get started with map and compass work.

Resistance Spools, Uncalibrated Products for Science Education

Verifying the laws of resistance.

Simple Form Truss Products for Science Education

Demonstrate and quantify the effect of force.

Science First™ Perforated Jar Products for Science Education

Shows how a fluid changes behavior even under it's own weight.

Trippensee™ Chain-Driven Illuminated Planetarium Products for Science Education

Model sun shines and casts shadows just like the real thing.

High-Frequency Tesla Coil Products for Science Education

Safe source of high-frequency, high-voltage electricity.

Rotating Platform Products for Science Education

Versatile turntable demonstrates a variety of fascinating rotation principles.

Wind Electronic Generator Products for Science Education

A good way to study aerodynamic transfers.

Wind Tunnel Products for Science Education

Demonstrates principles of lift and aerodynamic flow.

Science First™ Simple Form Capacitor Products for Science Education

Explore the principle of capacitance.

Fieldmaster™ Basic Orienteering Kit Products for Science Education

Perfect for an introduction to compasses and directions

Science First™ Function Generator Products for Science Education

Learn about mathematical functions with instant feedback.

29-Series Pop Beads Products for Science Education

Create models of DNA strand, DNA replication, RNA conversion, cell organelles, ribosomes, mitochondria and a nucleus.

Orienteering Kit Products for Science Education

Get started with map and compass work

Digital Spirometer Products for Science Education

Accurately measures lung volume

Project Star Spectroscope Products for Science Education

Encourage hands-on exploration of light spectra with this durable, hand-held spectroscope.

Fieldmaster™ Plankton Net Products for Science Education

Made from durable Nitex™ nylon for greater mesh size accuracy.

Small Van de Graaff Generator, 200kV Products for Science Education

Create lightning with these time-tested devices.

Motor-Driven Vacuum Pump Products for Science Education

Provides vacuum (negative pressure) or low-pressure (positive pressure) compressed air for the laboratory.