Science First

Mini Discharge Wand Products for Science Education

Works with most Van de Graaf generators

Science First™ Bottle Balancer Products for Science Education

Demonstrates force and equilibrium.

Science First™ Acceleration Paradox Products for Science Education

Shows how acceleration takes place.

Porosity of Soils Products for Science Education

Kit shows the relationship between particle size, shape and uniformity.

Science First™ Starlab™ Holographic Diffraction Grating Sheet Products for Science Education

This specially developed, high-efficiency diffraction grating is 100 times more efficient than acetate gratings.

Science First™ Colony Counter Products for Science Education

Allows you to count microorganisms with ease and accuracy.

Science First™ Water Cycle Lab Products for Science Education

Helps teach all parts of the water cycle — solid, liquid and gas.

Science First™ Heros Fountain Products for Science Education

Demonstrates fluid pressure.

Newtonian Demonstrator Products for Science Education

Designed with the utmost sturdiness and appearance.

Trippensee™ Chain-Driven Illuminated Planetarium Products for Science Education

Model sun shines and casts shadows just like the real thing.

29-Series Pop Beads Products for Science Education

Create models of DNA strand, DNA replication, RNA conversion, cell organelles, ribosomes, mitochondria and a nucleus.

Project Star Spectroscope Products for Science Education

Encourage hands-on exploration of light spectra with this durable, hand-held spectroscope.

Lenz's Law Spinning Disk Products for Science Education

Free-spinning disk slows to a stop as neodymium magnet nears the outer edge.

Science First™ Mitosis/Meiosis Cell Model Products for Science Education

Teach mitosis, meiosis, cellular division, genetic inheritance and more with this colorful set of snap-together plastic pieces.

Soil Thermometer, 32cm Products for Science Education

Take the guesswork out of planting

Ampere's Rule Demonstration Products for Science Education

Investigate the magnetic field around a wire.

Simple Machines Kit Products for Science Education

Ideal for mechanics and simple machines experiments!

While You Were Out Series Products for Science Education

Never leave your substitute high and dry again.

Elementary Lighted Planetarium Products for Science Education

Beginning model shows individual concepts, one at a time

Science First™ Simple Form Capacitor Products for Science Education

Explore the principle of capacitance.

Student Cell Kits Products for Science Education

Build a voltaic, storage, coulometer, dry or Daniel cell.

Trippensee™ Illuminated Planetarium, Motorized Products for Science Education

Completely automated model includes simulated and synchronized orbits of the moon, Earth, and Venus.

Puck Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates collisions in two dimensions.

Teaching Compass Products for Science Education

Great aid for understanding the basics of orienteering.

Air Track Products for Science Education

Frictionless surface for studying the mechanics of linear motion.

Science First™ Faraday Cage Kit Products for Science Education

Teach the principles of lightning