Investigating Energy Transfer Products for Science Education

This lesson consists of two experiments: “Exploring Radiation and Absorption” and “Exploring Conduction.”

Accent Science: Gravity Investigations Products for Science Education

Three experiments benchmarked for science literacy and National Science Education Standards.

Current Balance Products for Science Education

Show the force a magnetic field exerts on a current carrying wire.

Duff's Inclined Plane Products for Science Education

A simple method of studying uniformly accelerated motion.

Sampling Squares Products for Science Education

Easily quantify the results of high school field studies.

Science First™ Bottle Balancer Products for Science Education

Demonstrates force and equilibrium.

Project Star Spectroscope Products for Science Education

Encourage hands-on exploration of light spectra with this durable, hand-held spectroscope.

Science First™ Colony Counter Products for Science Education

Allows you to count microorganisms with ease and accuracy.

29-Series Pop Beads Products for Science Education

Create models of DNA strand, DNA replication, RNA conversion, cell organelles, ribosomes, mitochondria and a nucleus.

Heat Transfer Kit Products for Science Education

Observe and measure the transfer of heat between two water samples of different temperatures.

Science First™ Greenbox Gardening System Products for Science Education

Introduce the “greenest” indoor gardening kit to your students.

Fieldmaster™ Basic Water Sampler Products for Science Education

Economical, all-purpose, horizontal water sampler can be used anywhere — from a boat, off a pier, from shore or even from a high bridge.

Polar Reversal Model Products for Science Education

Use a compass and this clever board to demonstrate the sudden reversal in polarity that occurs in earth's magnetic field!

Sun Spotter Telescope Products for Science Education

View the brilliant light of the sun safely with this wooden, folded-path Keplerian telescope.

Large Geiger Tube Cable Products for Science Education

Cable for Large Geiger Tube.

Science First™ Variable Induction Kit Products for Science Education

Current induced into a circuit is constantly changing and this effect is most notable for its use in RF transmitters.

Rotating Platform Products for Science Education

Versatile turntable demonstrates a variety of fascinating rotation principles.

Air Track Accessories Products for Science Education

Use with air track (S52229) to study linear motion.

Lightning Leaper Products for Science Education

Watch electricity leap.

Fieldmaster™ Plankton Net Products for Science Education

Made from durable Nitex™ nylon for greater mesh size accuracy.

Science First™ Field Map Kit Products for Science Education

Group and compare lab plots and see representations of electrical fields.

Soil Thermometer, 32cm Products for Science Education

Take the guesswork out of planting

Science First™ Kalah Board Products for Science Education

Capture more «seeds« than your opponent and win.

Force Mechanism Trough Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the effects of acceleration and gravity on a moving body.

Science First™ Human Karyotype Kit Products for Science Education

Study how karyotypes relate to certain genetic diseases.

Science First™ Liquid Conductivity Indicator Products for Science Education

Determine the conductivity of different liquids or concentrations.

Science First™ Contour Map Making Kit Products for Science Education

Learn how to read and make contour maps.

Full-Sized Ripple Tank Products for Science Education

Best device for demonstrating wave mechanics to your students.