Fracking Model Products for Science Education

Shows the controversial method in a simple, noncontroversial way.

Science First™ Stream Table Products for Science Education

With an integrated design, setup is a breeze — simply add water, turn on the pump and teach.

Gyro Studies Lab Stool Kit Products for Science Education

Unique lab stool has a turntable built into the seat.

Science First™ Solar Hot Water Demo Products for Science Education

Shows how the sun heats water.

Science First™ Center of Gravity Paradox Products for Science Education

Things are not always what they seem.

Boyle's Law and Absolute Zero Products for Science Education

Visualize the basic relationshiop between pressure, volume, and temperature of gases.

Magnetic Force Accelerator Products for Science Education

The Right Hand Rule wins again with this dramatic demonstrator.

Copernican Solar System Products for Science Education

Explains the planets and asteroid belt of our Sun's system

Aneroid Dry Calorimeter Products for Science Education

Five times more sensitive than traditional versions! Safe for students of all ages.

Magnetic Puck Set Products for Science Education

Ideal for elastic scattering and collision experiments

Plastic Beads Products for Science Education

Designed for low friction.

Science First™ Starlab™ Holographic Diffraction Grating Sheet Products for Science Education

This specially developed, high-efficiency diffraction grating is 100 times more efficient than acetate gratings.

Science First™ Basic Electric Motor Kit Products for Science Education

Build a real working motor for classroom exercises, science fairs and more.

Jacob's Ladder Products for Science Education

Fascinating depiction of the power of static electricity.

Angular Momentum Apparatus Products for Science Education

Hands-on way to introduce the concepts of the center of gravity, angular acceleration and moment of inertia.

Density Ball Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the effects of temperature and mineral content on density

The Science Source Geiger Stand and Absorbers Products for Science Education

Use with Advanced Radioactivity Set.

Elementary Classmate Planetarium Products for Science Education

Orrery planetarium demonstrates individual concepts, one at a time

Rotating Platform Products for Science Education

Versatile turntable demonstrates a variety of fascinating rotation principles.

Fieldmaster™ Plankton Sampling Kit Products for Science Education

Complete kit for obtaining samples of phyto and zooplankton from lakes and ponds for later study in the lab

While You Were Out Series Products for Science Education

Never leave your substitute high and dry again.

Science First™ Copper Plating Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates technique used for copper plating.

Pressure Paradox Kit Products for Science Education

Show how the sense of touch changes how we feel pressure.

Science First™ Simple Form Capacitor Products for Science Education

Explore the principle of capacitance.

Complete Air Table Products for Science Education

The most effective method for demonstrating the laws of mechanics in two dimensions.

Discharge Wands Products for Science Education

For small and large Van de Graaff generators.

Rare Earth Magnet Motor Kit Products for Science Education

A hands-on way to make electricity. All the parts needed to build a working DC motor.

Liquid Accelerometer Kit Products for Science Education

Visualize the effects of inertial movement with this device.

Physics Balls Products for Science Education

Accessories for various physics apparatus.