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Get the performance and accuracy you need with solvents that minimize the risk of contaminants and maximize instrument sensitivity and detection power.

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High-Purity Acids

Tthe J.T.Baker line of high-purity acids promises consistent, reliable results for a range of applications — from trace-metal analysis to general use.

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Meet the most demanding research and analytical testing applications, such as proteomics, drug discovery and more, with J.T.Baker ULTRA LC/MS Solvents.

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L-Histidine, Multi-Compendial, U.S.P., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 71-00-1 Molecular Formula: C6H9N3O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 155.157 InChI Key: HNDVDQJCIGZPNO-YFKPBYRVSA-N Synonym: l-histidine, histidine, h-his-oh, glyoxaline-5-alanine, anti-rheuma, l---histidine, istidina, s-histidine, l-histidin, l-histidine PubChem CID: 6274 ChEBI: CHEBI:15971 IUPAC Name: (2S)-2-amino-3-(1H-imidazol-5-yl)propanoic acid SMILES: C1=C(NC=N1)CC(C(=O)O)N

Benzyl Alcohol, Multi-Compendial, N.F., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 100-51-6 Molecular Formula: C7H8O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 108.14 InChI Key: WVDDGKGOMKODPV-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: benzyl alcohol, benzenemethanol, phenylcarbinol, benzoyl alcohol, hydroxytoluene, benzenecarbinol, phenylmethyl alcohol, alpha-toluenol, hydroxymethyl benzene, benzylalcohol PubChem CID: 244 ChEBI: CHEBI:17987 IUPAC Name: phenylmethanol SMILES: C1=CC=C(C=C1)CO

L-(+)-Glutamic Acid, Monosodium Salt, Monohydrate, BAKER™, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 6106-04-3 Molecular Formula: C5H10NNaO5 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 187.13 InChI Key: GJBHGUUFMNITCI-QTNFYWBSSA-M Synonym: monosodium glutamate, l-glutamic acid monosodium salt monohydrate, p.a, l-glutamic acid monosodium salt monohydrate nt, l-glutamic acid monosodium salt monohydrate, saj special grade, monosodium glutamate, united states pharmacopeia usp reference standard, l-glutamic acid, monosodium salt, low endotoxin, pharmagrade, manufactured under appropriate controls for use as a raw material in pharma or biopharmaceutical production., suitable for cell culture PubChem CID: 87090819 IUPAC Name: (2S)-2-aminopentanedioic acid;sodium;hydrate SMILES: C(CC(=O)O)C(C(=O)O)N.O.[Na]

Succinic Acid, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED™ A.C.S. Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 110-15-6 Molecular Formula: C4H6O4 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 118.088 InChI Key: KDYFGRWQOYBRFD-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: succinic acid, amber acid, asuccin, dihydrofumaric acid, bernsteinsaure, katasuccin, wormwood acid, succinate, ethylenesuccinic acid, 1,2-ethanedicarboxylic acid PubChem CID: 1110 ChEBI: CHEBI:15741 IUPAC Name: butanedioic acid SMILES: C(CC(=O)O)C(=O)O

PIPES, Ultrapure Bioreagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 5625-37-6 Molecular Formula: C8H18N2O6S2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 302.36 InChI Key: IHPYMWDTONKSCO-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: pipes, 1,4-piperazinediethanesulfonic acid, piperazine-n,n'-bis 2-ethanesulfonic acid, 2,2'-piperazine-1,4-diyl diethanesulfonic acid, 1,4-piperazinebis ethanesulfonic acid, unii-g502h79v6l, 2-4-2-sulfoethyl piperazin-1-yl ethanesulfonic acid, piperazine-1,4-bis 2-ethanesulfonic acid, 1,4-piperazine-diethanesulfonic acid, 2,2'-piperazine-1,4-diyl bis ethanesulphonic acid PubChem CID: 79723 ChEBI: CHEBI:44933 IUPAC Name: 2-[4-(2-sulfoethyl)piperazin-1-yl]ethanesulfonic acid SMILES: C1CN(CCN1CCS(=O)(=O)O)CCS(=O)(=O)O

Hydrofluoric acid, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7664-39-3 Molecular Formula: FH Molecular Weight (g/mol): 20.006 InChI Key: KRHYYFGTRYWZRS-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen fluoride, fluorhydric acid, hydrofluoride, rubigine, fluorwasserstoff, hydrogen-fluoride, antisal 2b, fluorowodor polish, caswell no. 484 PubChem CID: 14917 ChEBI: CHEBI:29228 IUPAC Name: fluorane SMILES: F

MES, Monohydrate, Free Acidline, Crystal, Ultrapure Bioreagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 145224-94-8 Molecular Formula: C6H15NO5S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 213.248 InChI Key: MIIIXQJBDGSIKL-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: mes monohydrate, 2-morpholinoethanesulfonic acid hydrate, mes hydrate, mes buffer hydrate, 4-morpholineethanesulfonic acid monohydrate, 4-morpholineethanesulfonic acid, monohydrate, 2-4-morpholinyl ethanesulfonic acid hydrate, mes hydrate buffer, 4-morpholineethanesulfonicacid, hydrate 1:1, mesmonohydrate PubChem CID: 16218417 IUPAC Name: 2-morpholin-4-ylethanesulfonic acid;hydrate SMILES: C1COCCN1CCS(=O)(=O)O.O

Hexanes, 99% n-hexane, ULTRA RESI-ANALYZED™, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 110-54-3 Molecular Formula: C6H14 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 86.178 InChI Key: VLKZOEOYAKHREP-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: n-hexane, esani, skellysolve b, gettysolve-b, hexyl hydride, hexan, dipropyl, heksan, hexanen, hexanes PubChem CID: 8058 ChEBI: CHEBI:29021 IUPAC Name: hexane SMILES: CCCCCC

Barium Sulfate, U.S.P., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7727-43-7 Molecular Formula: BaO4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 233.383 InChI Key: TZCXTZWJZNENPQ-UHFFFAOYSA-L Synonym: barium sulfate, barite, baritop, barosperse, barotrast, esophotrast, liquipake, macropaque, micropaque, microtrast PubChem CID: 24414 IUPAC Name: barium(2+);sulfate SMILES: [O-]S(=O)(=O)[O-].[Ba+2]

L-Arginine Hydrochloride, Multi-Compendial, U.S.P., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 1119-34-2 Molecular Formula: C6H15ClN4O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 210.662 InChI Key: KWTQSFXGGICVPE-WCCKRBBISA-N Synonym: l-arginine hydrochloride, arginine hydrochloride, l-arginine hcl, l-arginine monohydrochloride, h-arg-oh.hcl, r-gene, arginine monohydrochloride, argamine, l-arginine, monohydrochloride, unii-f7lth1e20y PubChem CID: 66250 IUPAC Name: (2S)-2-amino-5-(diaminomethylideneamino)pentanoic acid;hydrochloride SMILES: C(CC(C(=O)O)N)CN=C(N)N.Cl

Hydrogen Peroxide, 0.3, ULTREX™ II Ultrapure Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7722-84-1 Molecular Formula: H2O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 34.014 InChI Key: MHAJPDPJQMAIIY-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: oxydol, perhydrol, superoxol, interox, hydrogen dioxide, inhibine, peroxaan, albone, hioxyl, kastone PubChem CID: 784 ChEBI: CHEBI:16240 IUPAC Name: hydrogen peroxide SMILES: OO

Acetic Acid, Glacial, Aldehyde Free, for Cholesterol Determination, BAKER ANALYZED™ A.C.S. Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 64-19-7 Molecular Formula: C2H4O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.052 InChI Key: QTBSBXVTEAMEQO-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: ethanoic acid, ethylic acid, acetic acid, glacial, methanecarboxylic acid, vinegar acid, glacial, glacial, acetasol, acide acetique, essigsaeure PubChem CID: 176 ChEBI: CHEBI:15366 IUPAC Name: acetic acid SMILES: CC(=O)O

Phenolphthalein, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED™ A.C.S. Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 77-09-8 Molecular Formula: C20H14O4 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 318.328 InChI Key: KJFMBFZCATUALV-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: phenolphthalein, phthalimetten, euchessina, phthalin, espotabs, phenolax, purgophen, koprol, laxogen, trilax PubChem CID: 4764 ChEBI: CHEBI:34914 IUPAC Name: 3,3-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-benzofuran-1-one SMILES: C1=CC=C2C(=C1)C(=O)OC2(C3=CC=C(C=C3)O)C4=CC=C(C=C4)O

TRIS Hydrochloride, Made from Tromethamine USP, Biotech Reagent Grade, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 1185-53-1 Molecular Formula: C4H12ClNO3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 157.594 InChI Key: QKNYBSVHEMOAJP-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: tris hydrochloride, tris hydroxymethyl aminomethane hydrochloride, 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl propane-1,3-diol hydrochloride, tromethamine hydrochloride, tris hcl, tris-hcl, 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-propanediol hydrochloride, tris buffer hydrochloride, 1,3-propanediol, 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-, hydrochloride, 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-propanediol hydrochloride PubChem CID: 93573 IUPAC Name: 2-amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)propane-1,3-diol;hydrochloride SMILES: C(C(CO)(CO)N)O.Cl

Sulfuric Acid, Multi-Compendial, N.F., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7664-93-9 Molecular Formula: H2O4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 98.072 InChI Key: QAOWNCQODCNURD-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: oil of vitriol, sulphuric acid, dihydrogen sulfate, mattling acid, battery acid, dipping acid, acide sulfurique, electrolyte acid, acidum sulfuricum, vitriol brown oil PubChem CID: 1118 ChEBI: CHEBI:26836 IUPAC Name: sulfuric acid SMILES: OS(=O)(=O)O

Ammonium Hydroxide, 30%, BAKER INSTRA-ANALYZED Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 1336-21-6 Molecular Formula: H5NO Molecular Weight (g/mol): 35.046 InChI Key: VHUUQVKOLVNVRT-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: ammonium hydroxide, ammonia water, ammonia aqueous, aquammonia, aqua ammonia, ammonia, aqua, household ammonia, ammonium hydroxide solution, ammonia, monohydrate, ammonium hydroxide nh4 oh PubChem CID: 14923 ChEBI: CHEBI:18219 IUPAC Name: azanium;hydroxide SMILES: [NH4+].[OH-]

1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane, BAKER™, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 79-34-5 Molecular Formula: C2H2Cl4 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 167.838 InChI Key: QPFMBZIOSGYJDE-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: s-tetrachloroethane, acetylene tetrachloride, ethane, 1,1,2,2-tetrachloro, bonoform, cellon, tetrachlorethane, sym-tetrachloroethane, westron, 1,1,2,2-tetrachlorethane, 1,1,2,2-tetrachloraethan PubChem CID: 6591 ChEBI: CHEBI:36026 IUPAC Name: 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane SMILES: C(C(Cl)Cl)(Cl)Cl

Collodion; USP; Flexible; J.T.Baker™

CAS: 8001-79-4 Molecular Formula: C57H104O9 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 933.45 InChI Key: ZEMPKEQAKRGZGQ-AAKVHIHISA-N Synonym: castor oil, ricinus oil, olio di ricino, venelex, xenaderm, optase, trypsin complex, unii-d5340y2i9g, castor oil usp:jan, 1-o,2-o,3-o-tris z-12-hydroxy-9-octadecenoyl glycerol PubChem CID: 14030006 IUPAC Name: 2,3-bis[[(Z)-12-hydroxyoctadec-9-enoyl]oxy]propyl (Z)-12-hydroxyoctadec-9-enoate SMILES: CCCCCCC(CC=CCCCCCCCC(=O)OCC(COC(=O)CCCCCCCC=CCC(CCCCCC)O)OC(=O)CCCCCCCC=CCC(CCCCCC)O)O

Hexanes, Packaged under Nitrogen, 95% n-hexane, HPLC Grade, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 110-54-3 Molecular Formula: C6H14 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 86.178 InChI Key: VLKZOEOYAKHREP-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: n-hexane, esani, skellysolve b, gettysolve-b, hexyl hydride, hexan, dipropyl, heksan, hexanen, hexanes PubChem CID: 8058 ChEBI: CHEBI:29021 IUPAC Name: hexane SMILES: CCCCCC

L-Histidine Monohydrochloride, Multi-Compendial, F.C.C., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 5934-29-2 Molecular Formula: C6H12ClN3O3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 209.63 InChI Key: CMXXUDSWGMGYLZ-XRIGFGBMSA-N Synonym: l-histidine hydrochloride hydrate, l-histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, s-2-amino-3-1h-imidazol-4-yl propanoic acid hydrochloride hydrate, h-his-oh.hcl.h2o, l-histidine monohydrochloride monohydrate, l-histidine, monohydrochloride, monohydrate, l-histidin hydrate hydrochloride, histidine, monohydrochloride, monohydrate, l, h-his-ohhclh2o, l-histidine, hydrochloride, monohydrate PubChem CID: 165377 IUPAC Name: (2S)-2-amino-3-(1H-imidazol-5-yl)propanoic acid;hydrate;hydrochloride SMILES: C1=C(NC=N1)CC(C(=O)O)N.O.Cl

Cyclohexanone, BAKER ANALYZED™ Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 108-94-1 Molecular Formula: C6H10O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 98.145 InChI Key: JHIVVAPYMSGYDF-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: ketohexamethylene, pimelic ketone, sextone, cyclohexyl ketone, nadone, anone, anon, cyclohexanon, hytrol o, hexanon PubChem CID: 7967 ChEBI: CHEBI:17854 IUPAC Name: cyclohexanone SMILES: C1CCC(=O)CC1

Perchloric Acid, 0.7, ULTREX™ II Ultrapure Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7601-90-3 Molecular Formula: ClHO4 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 100.454 InChI Key: VLTRZXGMWDSKGL-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: unii-v561v90bg2, perchloric acid, perchloric acid, perchloric acid acid by mass forbidden, perchloric acid, acs reagent, perchlorsaeure, perchioric acid, ueberchlorsaeure, hyperchloric acid, hclo4 PubChem CID: 24247 ChEBI: CHEBI:29221 IUPAC Name: perchloric acid SMILES: OCl(=O)(=O)=O

Thiamine Hydrochloride, U.S.P. - F.C.C., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 67-03-8 Molecular Formula: C12H18Cl2N4OS Molecular Weight (g/mol): 337.263 InChI Key: DPJRMOMPQZCRJU-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: thiamine hydrochloride, vitamin b1 hydrochloride, thiamine hcl, aneurine hydrochloride, berin, thiamine chloride hydrochloride, trophite, thiamin chloride, thiamine dichloride, thiaminium chloride PubChem CID: 6202 ChEBI: CHEBI:49105 IUPAC Name: 2-[3-[(4-amino-2-methylpyrimidin-5-yl)methyl]-4-methyl-1,3-thiazol-3-ium-5-yl]ethanol;chloride;hydrochloride SMILES: CC1=C(SC=[N+]1CC2=CN=C(N=C2N)C)CCO.Cl.[Cl-]

Copper, Granular, 20 to 30 Mesh, BAKER ANALYZED™ Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7440-50-8 Molecular Formula: Cu Molecular Weight (g/mol): 63.546 InChI Key: RYGMFSIKBFXOCR-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: cuprum, cobre, cuivre, blister, cathode, bronze, powder, anode, precipitates, kupfer PubChem CID: 23978 ChEBI: CHEBI:30052 IUPAC Name: copper SMILES: [Cu]

Hydrochloric Acid, Multi-Compendial, N.F., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 7647-01-0 Molecular Formula: ClH Molecular Weight (g/mol): 36.458 InChI Key: VEXZGXHMUGYJMC-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride, muriatic acid, chlorohydric acid, acide chlorhydrique, chlorwasserstoff, spirits of salt, hydrogen chloride hcl, anhydrous hydrochloric acid, chloorwaterstof PubChem CID: 313 ChEBI: CHEBI:17883 IUPAC Name: chlorane SMILES: Cl

Sulfamic Acid, BAKER ANALYZED™ A.C.S. Reagent, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 5329-14-6 Molecular Formula: H3NO3S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 97.088 InChI Key: IIACRCGMVDHOTQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: amidosulfonic acid, amidosulfuric acid, aminosulfonic acid, imidosulfonic acid, sulfamidic acid, sulfaminic acid, sulphamic acid, jumbo, aminosulfuric acid, sulphamidic acid PubChem CID: 5987 ChEBI: CHEBI:9330 IUPAC Name: sulfamic acid SMILES: NS(=O)(=O)O

5,5'-Indigodisulfonic Acid, Disodium Salt, BAKER™, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 860-22-0 Molecular Formula: C16H8N2Na2O8S2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 466.346 InChI Key: KHLVKKOJDHCJMG-QDBORUFSSA-L Synonym: indigo carmine, indigocarmine, acid blue 74, indigocarmin, indigotindisulfonate sodium, c.i. acid blue 74, food blue no. 2, amacid brilliant blue, c.i. food blue 1, fd&c blue no. 2 PubChem CID: 5284351 IUPAC Name: disodium;(2E)-3-oxo-2-(3-oxo-5-sulfonato-1H-indol-2-ylidene)-1H-indole-5-sulfonate SMILES: C1=CC2=C(C=C1S(=O)(=O)[O-])C(=O)C(=C3C(=O)C4=C(N3)C=CC(=C4)S(=O)(=O)[O-])N2.[Na+].[Na+]

Trifluoroacetic Acid, HPLC Grade, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 76-05-1 Molecular Formula: C2HF3O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 114.023 InChI Key: DTQVDTLACAAQTR-UHFFFAOYSA-N Synonym: trifluoroacetic acid, perfluoroacetic acid, trifluoroethanoic acid, trifluoracetic acid, acetic acid, trifluoro, trifluoroaceticacid, cf3cooh, trifluoro acetic acid, trifluoro-acetic acid, kyselina trifluoroctova PubChem CID: 6422 ChEBI: CHEBI:45892 IUPAC Name: 2,2,2-trifluoroacetic acid SMILES: C(=O)(C(F)(F)F)O

1-Octanesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt, HPLC Grade, J.T.Baker™

CAS: 5324-84-5 Molecular Formula: C8H17NaO3S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 216.271 InChI Key: HRQDCDQDOPSGBR-UHFFFAOYSA-M Synonym: sodium 1-octanesulfonate, sodium octane-1-sulfonate, 1-octanesulfonic acid sodium salt, sodium octanesulfonate, 1-octanesulfonic acid, sodium salt, 1-octanesulfonate, sodium, sodium octylsulfonate, unii-j46ez5jyb3, octyl sodium sulfonate, ipc-alks-8 PubChem CID: 23669624 IUPAC Name: sodium;octane-1-sulfonate SMILES: CCCCCCCCS(=O)(=O)[O-].[Na+]

L-Arginine, Multi-Compendial, U.S.P., J.T.Baker™

CAS: 74-79-3 Molecular Formula: C6H14N4O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 174.204 InChI Key: ODKSFYDXXFIFQN-BYPYZUCNSA-N Synonym: l-arginine, arginine, l-+-arginine, l-arg, l +-arginine, s-2-amino-5-guanidinopentanoic acid, h-arg-oh, l-arginine, arginina, arginine, l PubChem CID: 6322 ChEBI: CHEBI:16467 IUPAC Name: (2S)-2-amino-5-(diaminomethylideneamino)pentanoic acid SMILES: C(CC(C(=O)O)N)CN=C(N)N


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Avantor™ Performance Materials manufactures and markets high-performance chemistries and materials around the world under several respected brand names, including the J.T.Baker and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brands. Avantor's innovative life sciences products are used in the manufacturing processes and research laboratories of some of the world's largest and most prolific biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies, and in leading analytical laboratories worldwide.