Fisher Science Education and US Communities Fisher Science Education and US Communities

Contract Highlights

  • List price discounts up to 35%
  • Free shipping with no minimum purchase
  • Discounted hazardous fees
  • Large order discounts
  • E-commerce Incentive

Partnership Information

Fisher Science Education was selected as the exclusive contract holder of the U.S. Communities Science Supplies and Equipment Contract following a nationally-solicited competitive bid process. As a result, Fisher Science Education is pleased to offer unequaled value, exceptional service and a world-class product offering to school districts nationwide.

U.S. Communities is the leading national government purchasing cooperative, providing procurement resources and solutions to local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education institutes and nonprofit institutions seeking the best overall value.

Competitively Solicited Contracts

The U.S. Communities organization serves to pool the purchasing power of more than 55,000 registered agencies to negotiate the best possible pricing on contracts for supplies, equipment and services. Each contract holder is selected through a nationally-solicited competitive bid process.

Government Discounts for Science and Lab Supplies

Public agencies registered as participants of the U.S. Communities purchasing cooperative are able to purchase quality science supplies from Fisher Science Education at industry-best prices. This contract allows public agencies to share in the benefits without the need for additional contract solicitation. Contact your Fisher Science Education Sales Representative, or email for more information on how to register to save now.

Contract Details

Contract Details

Discount: With a U.S. Communities contract, you get discounts on products in current Fisher Science Education Catalogs as well as the full Fisher Science Education online portfolio:

  • 33% off general supplies
  • 35% off chemicals
  • 33% off specimens
  • 33% off equipment and lab furniture
  • 35% off items on the Product Hotlist

You’ll also receive 19% off list pricing for products in the Fisher Scientific online portfolio and current Fisher Scientific catalogs.*

Shipping: Your contract also brings you free shipping to the contiguous 48 states with no minimum purchase, plus discounted hazardous fees.**

Incentives: Large-order discount — Fisher Science Education will provide an extra 0.5% discount for single orders with a total value exceeding $5,000 before tax. The incentive will grow to 2% for single orders with a total value exceeding $50,000 before tax. Incentives will be calculated on orders shipping to one location and purchased through this agreement.

E-commerce incentive — Fisher Science Education will provide a 1% rebate incentive if a district purchases at least 50% of their orders through e-commerce in a defined 12-month contract period. This incentive will be calculated on orders purchased through this agreement.

Valid Dates: July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2018

Reference: Contract Number C15-JL-12

Discount, freight terms and incentives are subject to the following terms:

  • All discounts, rebates and incentives are valid for K-12 public, private, or charter institutions only
  • Incentives are calculated on invoiced, paid sales from this contract, net of credits and returns
  • 12-month period for incentive rebates will start on the date the district agrees to start using the U.S. Communities agreement to purchase science products, and can be set to follow the district’s annual school or budget year
  • Catalog discounts are subject to a GP floor of 15%
  • Catalog discounts apply to current catalog prices only and are not applicable to sale items, special quotes, products with catalog numbers beginning with NC or ending with ND, non-catalog items or customized items
  • A discounted hazardous materials surcharge of $10 will be charged where applicable, and freight charges for live and motor-freight items are provided on request
  • Free shipping does not require a minimum-order value and fuel surcharges will be waived

*Discounts exclude products with catalog numbers beginning with NC or ending with ND, non-catalog items and customized items.

**Excludes live materials, motor freight and expedited shipping.


How do I place an order with Fisher Science Education?

Fisher Science Education accepts orders via phone, fax, mail, e-mail and website:

Price confirmations: You can also use our website to confirm U.S. Communities contract pricing for all of our items. If you have a web account established, all products will automatically reflect U.S. Communities contract pricing. If you do not have a web account established, send us an e-mail to letting us know you wish to set up a web account for price confirmation. We will contact you to set up your web account. 

Who can participate?

Fisher Science Education’s product portfolio is geared towards K-12 School Districts, as well as Community Colleges. Universities, Colleges, States, State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Non-Profits and Special Districts are also eligible to participate should they be looking to purchase science education products.


What is covered under the contract?

The contract covers all items in Fisher Science Education’s portfolio, more than 20,000 products in total. Fisher Science Education is a total lab solutions provider, serving K-12 science education, community college and undergraduate, and consumer markets. Fisher Science Education’s comprehensive portfolio of education products covers all science disciplines including Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science, and also includes emerging curriculum areas such as STEM, Biotechnology, Forensics and Environmental Technology.


Is there a fee associated with participating in the Fisher Science Education and U.S. Communities Contract for Science Equipment and Lab Supplies?

No, there are no costs or user fees to the public agency to adopt the contract.


How do I register to participate?

Complete the online registration found on the U.S. Communities website. During the registration process, you will be asked to mark suppliers you are interested in. Select ‘Fisher Science Education’ and your local Sales Rep will reach out to you to complete the registration process.


My state requires government agencies to bid everything. Can government agencies in my state use this program without going out to bid?

Yes. This contract has been competitively bid by a government agency. Through the Joint Powers Authority or an inter-local agreement, local governments can "piggy-back" this competitive bid contract through U.S. Communities. This satisfies the competitive bid requirements in most states. See state-by-state laws on intergovernmental purchasing.


Our agency has already negotiated a discount through Fisher Science Education. Will I receive better pricing if we buy through the U.S. Communities and Fisher Science Education program?

Absolutely. Fisher Science Education has made the commitment to U.S. Communities that the discount provided on the U.S. Communities contract for science supplies is the best contract discount we can offer to any school district nationwide.


If my agency already has an account with Fisher Science Education, do I need to set up a new account?

No. After working with your Fisher Science Education Sales Rep to adopt the contract, the pricing terms will be added to your existing account(s), meaning any orders your agency places will automatically receive the discount.


How do I know if my agency has already adopted the Fisher Science Education and U.S. Communities Contract for Science Supplies?


How can I find out more information about the contract?

Contact your local Fisher Science Education Sales Rep or email us at and your local Sales Rep will reach out to answer any questions you have.


We would like to order online. What are Fisher Science Education's e-commerce capabilities?

Fisher Science Education is an industry leader in e-commerce technological solutions. We have years of experience in implementing e-commerce solutions with large school districts around the country, ranging from P-card or Purchase Order online ordering to full punch-outs with cXML and XML Purchase Order submission. Please contact your Fisher Science Education Sales Rep or our U.S. Communities Manager at to have Fisher Science Education customize an online ordering solution that is right for your agency.