Free STEM iPad Apps

By Robert Marshall

Schools have serious demands for high-tech handheld devices. First generation iPads™ are significantly less expensive than traditional laptops. With more and more of these smart devices appearing in classrooms, the customer-dedicated team at Fisher Science Education took a leap. They've created a tool that is revolutionizing the way educators interact with their chemical suppliers.

ChemAssist is a free Apple™ mobile application that anyone can download and use to track inventory and conveniently restock their Fisher Science Education™ chemicals. And along the way, teachers and students will learn the industry's best chemical storage practices using standardized color coding.

The iPad can be used for just about every subject. As I lead STEM workshops for teachers across the country,
I’m often asked, "What educational apps are available for the iPad?"

Must Have Free iPad Apps

The following is my list of free iPad apps with brief descriptions, available in the app store.

3D Sun

View real solar images and data captured from NASA heliophysics spacecraft.


Are you looking for a convenient and reliable way to track your on-hand chemical inventory? Look no further. Now you can easily manage your chemical stockroom using ChemAssist™.

NOVA Elements

Make sure to build atoms with the correct number of subatomic particles.


Visualize continents, oceans and their dynamic properties in action.


3D Milky Way database of confirmed extra solar planets.

ISS Live!

Manipulate a 3D model and follow the astronauts' daily schedule.

Khan Academy

One-stop shop for economics, history, mathematics and science videos.

Mars Globe

See a detailed labeled map of the red surface, including rover landing sites.


Explore NASA missions, news, videos, launch information and countdown clocks.

National Geographic Today

Stunning photographs, videos, quizzes and articles in a hands-on National Geographic portal.

Particle Zoo

If you have ever been confused about Quantum, have a double look here.

Simple Physics

Design engineering solutions for a series of projects while staying under budget.


Learn what celestial objects and special events are visible in tonight's sky.


Classroom Discussion

  • How could you integrate any of these apps into something you're learning right now?
  • What is Citizen Science? Can you find other Citizen Science apps available on the iPad?