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Reduce Needle Pain with Cold and Vibration

Reduce the pain of needle procedures with Buzzy™ Mini and XL Healthcare. As demonstrated in more than 20 independent clinical trials and 31 million procedures, Buzzy replaces pain with a patented combination of cold and vibration.



How Does It Work?

Buzzy combines the ideas of gate control theory and descending noxious inhibitory control (DNIC) to reduce pain. It prompts the brain to close the gate on pain signals by applying vibration to affected nerves. At the same time, it increases the body’s threshold for pain by exposing it to extreme cold.

Pair Buzzy with DistrACTION™ Cards for even more pain relief. The cards provide a cognitive distraction that can help reduce pain by up to 50%. Each of the four themed sets includes five colorful cards with age-appropriate finding or counting tasks that distract the patient from the procedure to provide natural pain relief. The cards connect to a snap ring that can be easily attached to a badge or carried in a pocket.


Buzzy Mini Healthcare

Buzzy XL Healthcare

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How to Use Buzzy


1. Freeze Ice Wings

Place the ice wings in a freezer until they’re frozen solid. The wings take about 30 minutes to freeze and stay frozen for about 10 minutes at room temperature.


2. Attach Wings to Buzzy

Buzzy Mini: Place the hole in the ice wings over the hook on the back of Buzzy.

Buzzy XL: Slide the ice wings through the elastic strap on the back of Buzzy.


3. Place Buzzy

Buzzy goes between the pain and the brain. For injections, place Buzzy on the injection site for 30 to 60 seconds, then move it up and hold it in place during the injection. Buzzy must be near the pain to be most effective.


4. Turn Buzzy On

Once Buzzy is in place, use the button or switch on top to turn it on. Buzzy Mini will automatically turn off after three minutes.

Where to Place Buzzy

  • Aches and injuries: place Buzzy right where it hurts
  • Injections: place Buzzy directly on the intended needle site, then keep it within 3 to 5cm of the site during the procedure
  • IV access and blood draws: place Buzzy within 3 to 5cm of the site immediately before and during the procedure (do not place Buzzy directly on the access site)
  • Finger sticks: place Buzzy on the palm with the bottom end toward the finger throughout cleaning and the procedure
Buzzy Mini and XL Healthcare can be held in place with the provided Comfort Strap, a disposable hospital tourniquet, or by hand.

How to Clean Buzzy

Clean the Buzzy device and Buzzy Healthcare Wings with alcohol-based cleaning wipes or according to your facility’s infection control protocol for non-critical equipment. Do not autoclave or immerse in liquid. Dispose of soft-sided wings after use.


How many times can each ice pack be used?

Each ice wing should last for approximately 100 uses. Buzzy Healthcare units come with four Universal Healthcare ice wings.

Does the ice pack need to be frozen solid?

Yes. For optimal pain relief, the wings must be frozen solid to avoid absorbing vibration. Wings take about 30 minutes to freeze solid and stay frozen for about 10 minutes at room temperature.

Can Buzzy be used with disposable crushable ice packs?

No, these do not freeze solid and will reduce effectiveness by absorbing vibrations. They are also not cold enough to reduce pain.

Is the ice pack necessary?

No, but it should be used when possible. The ice pack provides about 60% of Buzzy’s pain relief in children and older adults.

Do hot packs work with Buzzy?

Hot packs will not decrease pain and will reduce effectiveness by absorbing vibrations. Hot packs on an IV site are fine.

Is Buzzy FDA cleared?

Yes, Buzzy is FDA cleared for these indications: “Control pain associated with injections, venipuncture, IV starts, cosmetic injections and the temporary relief of minor injuries (muscle or tendon aches, splinters and bee stings). Also intended to treat myofascial pain caused by trigger points, restricted motion and muscle tension.”

Why does Buzzy Mini Healthcare have two vibration settings?

Research shows some patients get greater relief from intermittent vibration. When used in a healthcare setting, offering a choice of speeds increases patient control and decreases fear.

What age groups benefit from Buzzy?

In clinical trials, Buzzy was effective with patients 18 months and older, including adults. Patients younger than 18 months of age may experience discomfort from the cold component.

Should Buzzy be used differently with certain patients?

Use Buzzy without the ice pack for patients with a sensitivity to cold, Raynaud’s disease, or sickle cell disease. For immune-compromised patients and those with chronic illnesses, use the disposable Universal Soft Ice Wings. For patients with MRSA, place Buzzy and the attached wings into a stat-lab bag to prevent contamination.

How do I clean Buzzy?

Thoroughly clean and disinfect Buzzy according to your facility’s infection control protocol for non-critical equipment. Do not autoclave or immerse in liquid.

What size batteries does Buzzy take? How do you replace the batteries?

Two alkaline AAA batteries will power Buzzy at full strength for approximately 20 hours. When battery power gets low, Buzzy will emit short vibrations when turned on. Simply unscrew the back with a Phillips-head screwdriver to access the battery compartment.