Drosophila Products and Supplies

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Products, BuzzPlugs™ Vial and Bottle Closures

Nonshedding, dense weave of nontoxic cellulose acetate minimizes evaporation, keeps food fresh longer

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Bottles

Wide base/narrow top design prevents fly meal from falling out when bottle is turned upside down

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Products Jazz-Mix™ Drosophila Food

Simply add water—conveniently packaged as a complete and quick-to-prepare mixture

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Vials Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Straight wall design minimizes the dislodging of food; provides more efficient racking, filling and plugging

Fisherbrand™ Trays and Dividers for Shell Vials

Accommodate narrow- or wide-diameter vials

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Products Cheesecloth Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Keeps particulates and wild flies out of vials and bottles while meal is cooling

Simport™ Scientific Drosophila Stock Bottles

Polypropylene bottles for small volume testing and drosophila stock

Greiner Bio-One Insect (Drosophila) Breeding Conical Container

Ideally suited for the cultivation of Drosophila melanogaster.

Innovating Science™ Anesthefly Kit Products for Science Education

For anesthetizing Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) and other small insects.

Carolina™ Formula 4-24™ Drosophila Medium Products for Science Education

This medium allows teachers to set up a new culture in less than a minute.