Service Fixtures

Fisherbrand™ Mixing Faucet

Fisherbrand™ Mixing Faucets are standard Laboratory H/C water faucets.

Fisherbrand™ DI/RO Faucet

Fisherbrand™ DI/RO Faucet is for distilled, deionized or reverse osmosis water.

CPC™ Back-to-Back Body Adapter

MPC Body x MPX Back-to-Back Body Adapter

CPC™ Back-to-Back Insert Adapter

MPC to MPX Back-to-Back Insert Adapter

Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Needle Valve

Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Needle Valves are deck mounted and intended for precision use.

Labconco™ Fume Hood Standard Service Fixture Kits (Fiberglass 30 or Basic Hoods)

Keep your Labconco fume hood in top operation with a Fume Hood Standard Service Fixture Kit, available in several types to meet your specific needs.

Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Ball Valve

Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Ball Valves are deck mounted.

Fisherbrand™ Cold Water Faucet

Fisherbrand™ Cold Water Faucets are standard Laboratory cold water faucets.

Fisherbrand™ Chase Support Assembly

The Fisherbrand™ Chase Support Assembly can be used for work surfaces as well as drain lines and piping in the plumbing chase.

Fisherbrand™ Foot Operated Faucet

Fisherbrand™ Foot Operated Faucet is a deck mounted mixing faucet which includes a floor mounted foot-operated valve.

Fisherbrand™ Female Quick-Connect Fittings

Fisherbrand™ Female Quick-Connect Fittings mount within the overhead service panel and connect the quick disconnect fittings from the lab workstation to the building services.

Fisherbrand™ Complete Plumbing Assemblies for Lab Workstations

Fisherbrand™ Complete Plumbing Assemblies are designed to be used with Lab Workstations.

Fisherbrand™ Overhead Service Panels

Fisherbrand™ Overhead Service Panels are designed to fit into a 24 x 24 in. ceiling grid. They are made to order based upon services required.

Fisherbrand™ Aerator

This Fisherbrand™ Aerator replaces the serrated hose end on most WaterSaver Faucets.

Mott Manufacturing Sink Support Kit

The Mott Sink Support Kit includes two durable metal frame supports for use with any Mott sink units.

CPC™ Coupling Cap

MPC Coupling Cap

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Gas Cock Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Choose from three styles of Diversified Gas Cocks for your laboratory needs.

Labconco™ Standard Service Fixture Kits for Basic and Fiberglass 30 Hoods Products for Science Education

Service fixtures for use with Basic™ and Fiberglass 30 Laboratory Hoods.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Gas Cocks Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Shut off flow of natural gas or liquid propane through a piping system.