Phlebotomy solutions from Fisher HealthCare help clinics handle samples properly to get patients back on their feet. Rely on us to partner with you and support you in every area of your facility.


BD Vacutainer Collection Sets

In-vein needle activation at the push of a button; with Luer adapter.

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BD Vacutainer Blood Collection Tube Holders

Reusable plastic holders accept threaded hubs of all BD Vacutainer and Luer adapters.

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BD Vacutainer Plastic Blood Collection Tubes

Tubes with spray-coated lithium heparin and a gel for plasma separation.

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Fisherbrand IB Model Serum Filters

One-way valve permits a physical gap to be created between the serum/plasma and clot.

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CENTiCARE Phlebotomy Large Workspace Carts


CENTiCARE Phlebotomy Large Workspace Carts

Cart system is designed with wide range of multi-functional accessories, offering the most storage options available on the market. 

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Durable, Stainless-Steel Frame with Ergonomic Design


JAC Medical Mobile Phlebotomy Carts

Features five equilateral legs for stability and maintenance-free casters for mobility.

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Comfortable, Safe and Adjustable Chairs


Dynamic Diagnostics Inc. Adjustable Phlebotomy Chairs

Chairs come standard with fully adjustable wide padded arm pads, with padded flip-up arm that protects patients and makes drawing blood easier.

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