Special Purpose Cylinders

PYREX™ Cylinder for Gas Oil Distillations

Calibrated “To Contain” in percent

PYREX™ Cylinders with Standard Taper 24/40 Joints

Graduated cylinders calibrated “To Contain” 

Eisco™ Class A Glass Graduated Cylinders Products for Science Education

Eisco™ Glass Graduated Cylinders feature a hexagonal base, printed graduations, and spout.

Eisco™ Safety Pack Graduated Cylinder Sets - Class A, ASTM Products for Science Education

Multi-piece Safety Pack Graduated Cylinders include blue printed graduations, a hexagonal base, and plastic protective collar.

Eisco™ Polypropylene Measuring Cylinder Set with Displacement Vessel, 5 Piece Products for Science Education

Convenient starter set of four polypropylene measuring cylinders ranging from 10-100 mL, and a 250 mL displacement vessel