Classroom Mechanics

Eisco Assorted Metal Cubes

Set of six cubes.

fischertechnik™ STEM Kit: Mechanics 2.0

Helps students to learn the fundamentals of mechanics and structural engineering.

Midwest Wood Strips, Balsa

Close, tight homogeneous grain structure suited for wide variety of hobby, craft and miniature projects

Vernier KidWind MINI Wind Turbine Kit

Easy-to-build turbine to demonstrate the power of wind.

GSC Go Science Crazy Free Fall - Guinea and Feather

A great classroom demonstration to show how different objects fall in a vacuum. The plexiglass cylinder is capped with a hard rubber closure at one end. A hose connector is fitted to the opposite end and is used to attach a vacuum pump (not included) to evacuate the air. When a vacuum is pulled in the tube and the tube is inverted, the disc and feather will fall at the same rate.

GSC Standing Wave Demonstration Kit

GSC Wave Kit with Vibration Generator and Chladni Plate has all of the necessary components to explore concepts like standing waves, circular waves, and acoustic wave patterns

GSC Projectile Launcher for Plastic Marbles

GSC Projectile Launcher for Plastic Marbles can launch the plastic marbles a maximum of 8 meters

EISCO 1 in. Drilled Steel Ball

The EISCO 1 in. Drilled Steel Ball can be used for collision and pendulum demonstrations.

EISCO 3/4 in. Drilled Steel Ball

The EISCO 3/4 in. Drilled Steel Ball can be used for collision and pendulum demonstrations.

GSC Go Science Crazy Wave Demonstration Kit

A welcome addition to any classroom. This Kit will help students visualize how waves propagation works. The GSC Wave Demonstration Kit comes with one long, narrow steel helical spring and, one larger helical spring that are matched to give nearly equal amplitudes of reflected and transmitted pulses and waves. A string and instructions are also included in the kit.

GSC Wind Tunnel

GSC Wind Tunnel allows students to investigate lift, Bernouli’s principle, and aerodynamics

GSC Go Science Crazy Second Law of Motion

A great for unit for students to easily visualize and grasp Newton's Second Law of Motion. The GSC Second Law of Motion helps students to visualize and grasp Newton's Second Law of Motion. This sturdy unit demonstrates that a horizontally projected ball and a vertically dropped ball land at the same time.

GSC Go Science Crazy New York Demonstration Balance

A great classroom apparatus to help students understand the principles of torque and its properties. The GSC New York Demonstration Balance helps demonstrate the relationship between length of the lever arm, moment of force, and amount of force. The unit is designed to help students to understand the principles of torque and its properties.

GSC Go Science Crazy Pulley Double Tandem

Durable Double Pulley for Force & Motion Experiments

EISCO Garage Physics Large Trebuchet DIY Kit

Kit engages the young learner to discover new ideas about the physical world through assembly and play. EISCO Garage Physics Large Trebuchet DIY Kit kits contain pre-cut wooden pieces that resemble woodworking projects.

Midwest Tech Glider Catapult Kit

Helps prepare for high-flying competitions

Eisco™ Ticker Timer Tape

The EISCO Ticker Timer Tape is replacement paper tape to be used with ticker timers.

EISCO Metal Inertia Ball w/ 3 Fixed Eye Bolts

Suspend from the ceiling or a stand for multiple experiments. The EISCO Metal Inertia Ball w/ 3 Fixed Eye Bolts is used to demonstrate Newton's First Law of motion or can also be used as a pendulum bob.

Eisco Wimshurst Machine Brush

Replacement brush for Wimshurst machine.

Eisco Bimetallic Commercial Strips

Pack of bi-metal strips for practicals and project work.

EISCO Fly Wheel, Metal 20cm Dia.

The EISCO Fly Wheel, Metal 20cm Dia is mounted on a horizontal shaft and is held in with ball bearings.

Eisco™ Linear Air Track with Accessories

Study all aspects of dynamics in a virtually friction free environment with this cost effective system. The EISCO Linear Air Track with Accessories contains everything required for a vast array of experiments covering velocity, force and acceleration, potential energy, kinetic energy, conservation of energy, SHM, motion on level and inclined planes.

EISCO Premium Gyroscope and Gimbal Cradle

Demonstrate principles of angular momentum. The EISCO Premium Gyroscope and Gimbal Cradle is an excellent, inexpensive apparatus for experiments in precession, inertial guidance, and gyroscopic stabilization.

EISCO Hero's Engine, Eolipile

Demonstrate the earliest form of a steam turbine. The EISCO Hero's Engine, Eolipile is a functional glass model, comprising a borosilicate glass bulb with side arms bent at right angles. Complete setup on a stand, missing only the burner.

Eisco™ Newton's Second Law of Motion Apparatus

Demonstrate Newton's Second Law of Motion with a device that can be mounted to a support stand or a table clamp. The EISCO Newton's Second Law of Motion Apparatus is made of solid metal and designed to last many years in the classroom.

Eisco™ Precision Air Track System

Choose durable lab equipment that will last for years. The EISCO Precision Air Track System has everything needed to set up and run an air track as a nearly friction-less environment.

EISCO Hall's Carriage

The EISCO Hall's Carriage is a great tool that is useful for teaching students about dynamics when used in conjunction with an incline plane. One piece plastic body with facility to add weights on the top.