Classroom Physics Systems

Fisherbrand™ Digital Auto-Range Multimeter

Designed specifically for scientific equipment, this unit automatically selects proper range when testing electrical functions of instruments and their power sources

Eisco™ Visual Scientifics Diffraction Experiment Set Products for Science Education

Helps students derive and understand diffraction and the key building blocks of modern physics.

Eisco™ ‘g’ by Free-Fall Apparatus Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrates determination of gravitational constant 'g'.

GSC Go Science Crazy Inertial Balance Products for Science Education

Demonstrate Newton's First Law. The GSC Inertial Balance allows for the measurement of the inertial mass of an object.

Eisco™ Boyle Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

For demonstration of relationship between pressure and volume of gas.

Pendulum Clamp Products for Science Education

Usual for experiments.

Eisco™ Metal Jolly Bulb Products for Science Education

For demonstration of behavior of ideal gas and change of pressure.

Eisco™ Student Cell Electrodes Products for Science Education

For use with students demonstration cell.

American Scientific Bernoulli Bag Products for Science Education

Helps explore Bernoulli's principle of air pressure.

United Scientific Supplies Drilled/Assorted Balls Set Products for Science Education

Can be used for all pendulum experiments.

Eisco™ Visual Scientifics Free Fall Products for Science Education

Measuring acceleration due to gravity.

GSC Digital Voltmeter Products for Science Education

GSC Digital Voltmeters measure the potential difference, or voltage (V), between two points in a circuit.

Eisco™ Helical Spring Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the extension of a spring in relation to the force applied to it.

Eisco™ Visual Scientifics Atwood Machine Module Set Products for Science Education

Includes activities to help students understand simple machines and the idea of tension in a string when constructing a free body diagram.

Eisco™ Pendulums on Stand Products for Science Education

Perform pendulum-based experiments with a sturdy base. The EISCO Pendulums on Stand provide all of the necessary tools for studying the physics of pendulum motion.

Eisco™ Visual Scientifics Projectile Launcher Products for Science Education

Inquiry-led activity to experimentally verify projectile equations.

Eisco™ Visual Scientifics Collisions in 2-D Products for Science Education

Two-dimensional momentum and collision investigation.

Eisco™ Steam Engine Model Products for Science Education

Shows the internal structure and operating principles of a working steam engine.

GSC AC/DC Variable Power Supply Products for Science Education

GSC AC/DC Variable Power Supply handles all power needs between 2V and 12V

Eisco™ Visual Scientifics Ballistic Pendulum Products for Science Education

Velocity investigation highlights conservation of energy and momentum.

Aluminum Sinker Products for Science Education

With handy brass hook

Genecon™ Kit Products for Science Education

More than 24 experiments covering 10 topics.

Eisco™ Visual Scientifics Photogate System Products for Science Education

An easy-to-use, robust, accurate system.

Eisco™ Visual Scientific Incline Plane and Car Products for Science Education

Students design a simple machine to pull a car up a ramp at a target speed.

Eisco™ Visual Scientifics Physical Science System Class Set Products for Science Education

Great for just starting out or redoing an entire lab.

Eisco™ Two-Stroke Diesel Engine Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates operating principles of an air cooled two-stroke engine.

GSC Electrode Mini Disc Set Products for Science Education

GSC Electrode Mini Discs are useful in thermal conductivity experiments

Eisco™ Hooke's Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

Used to teach Hooke's Law in the classroom.

GSC Digital Ammeter Products for Science Education

GSC Digital Ammeters are used to measure the current, or amperage (A) flowing through a circuit

Eisco™ Visual Scientifics Wave Demonstration Set Products for Science Education

Guides students through understanding standing waves, nodes, tension and speed.