Classroom Physics Systems

Fisherbrand™ Digital Auto-Range Multimeter

Designed specifically for scientific equipment, this unit automatically selects proper range when testing electrical functions of instruments and their power sources

Eisco Visual Scientifics Replacement Spring for Hooke's Law

This replacement spring is durable, stretchable, and compressible. This spring is designed for use in the Visual Scientifics Hooke's Law Kit.

GSC AC/DC Variable Power Supply

GSC AC/DC Variable Power Supply handles all power needs between 2V and 12V

GSC Digital Voltmeter

GSC Digital Voltmeters measure the potential difference, or voltage (V), between two points in a circuit.

Eisco Visual Scientifics Large Ball

This replacement steel ball can be used as a projectile, or in experiments consisting of a free fall or ramp.

EISCO Pendulums on Stand

Perform pendulum-based experiments with a sturdy base. The EISCO Pendulums on Stand provide all of the necessary tools for studying the physics of pendulum motion.

Eisco NeuLog™ Pulley Kit

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Pulley Kit with the force logger sensor allows students to explore various options of pulley arrangements.

Eisco Visual Scientifics Replacement Small Ball

This replacement steel ball can be used as a projectile, or in experiments consisting of a free fall or ramp.

GSC Go Science Crazy Intelligent Timner with Solenoid Power Supply

Exelent Timer for multiple motion experiments

GSC Digital Ammeter

GSC Digital Ammeters are used to measure the current, or amperage (A) flowing through a circuit

GSC Go Science Crazy Inertial Balance

Demonstrate Newton's First Law. The GSC Inertial Balance allows for the measurement of the inertial mass of an object.

GSC Electrode Mini Disc Set

GSC Electrode Mini Discs are useful in thermal conductivity experiments

GSC Ampere's Law Demonstration Kit

GSC Ampere's Law Demonstration Kit consists of a heavy brass wire attached to a transparent plastic base

GSC Go Science Crazy Inertia Apparatus Products for Science Education

Known as ball and card mass force demonstrator.

Pendulum Clamp Products for Science Education

Usual for experiments.

Eisco Student Cell Electrodes Products for Science Education

For use with students demonstration cell.

Eisco Double Contact Key Products for Science Education

For telegraphing and morse code.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Physical Science System Base Products for Science Education

A system that allows students to use all technologies available to learn physics through technology, engineering and real-world applications.

3B Scientific™ Mechanics Student Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Set of equipment for carrying out 23 student experiments in classical mechanics.

Eisco Demonstration Relay Unit Products for Science Education

Allows the investigation and study of how a relay functions.

Eisco Boyle Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

For demonstration of relationship between pressure and volume of gas.

EISCO Heat System Physics Kit Products for Science Education

 To explore experiments such as Newton's Law of Cooling, Specific Heat, and the Expansion of Solids, Liquids and Gases. 

EISCO Visual Scientific Incline Plane and Car Products for Science Education

Students design a simple machine to pull a car up a ramp at a target speed.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Physical Science System Back Board Products for Science Education

Supports easy data collection using separate video analysis systems.

3B Scientific™ Optics Student Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Set of equipment for carrying out 38 student experiments on optics.

3B Scientific™ Accessories for Kinetic Gas Theory Products for Science Education

Accessories for vibrator (U56001) for simulating particle motion in an ideal gas.

Eisco Visual Scientifics Car Kit Products for Science Education

For investigating static and kinetic friction, dynamic equilibrium, unbalanced forces and work-energy theory.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electrostatics Products for Science Education

To understand fundamental concepts of static electricity.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Loop Products for Science Education

Loop investigation demonstrates conservation of kinetic and potential energy.

Eisco Planck Constant Determination Box Products for Science Education

For determining the approximate value of Plancks constant using elbow voltage.