Balance Battery Packs and Adapters

Mettler Toledo™ PowerPac-M-12V Independent Power Supply

Compact and light PowerPac provides optimal solution for field research or if independence of mains power is required.

D-Cell Akaline Batteries for Science Kits Products for Science Education

Consumable for use with multiple projects and in science kits.

Alkaline Batteries Products for Science Education

For peak performance in high-tech electronic devices and high-use devices

Heavy-Duty Batteries Products for Science Education

For low-drain devices or devices that are used infrequently.

Science First™ Battery Kit Products for Science Education

Build a variable DC power supply.

Alkaline Button Cell Batteries Products for Science Education

Batteries offer long shelf life.

Fisherbrand™ Replacement Batteries

Replacement parts for Traceable Digital Timer Plus and Traceable Digital Dial Thermometer, °F/°C

MSA™ NiCad battery pack

For used in FiveStar™ Alarm

OHAUS™ AC Adapters for Compact Scales

Replacement AC Adapters for Ohaus Balances and Scales.

Rayovac™ Alkaline Maximum™ Industrial Batteries

Ideal for all high-drain, frequent-use devices

Sartorius™ Rechargeable Battery Pack for Secura™ and Quintix™ Semi Micro Balances

For use with Secura and Quintix Semi-Micro balances (14-560-017 through -020).