Labconco™ Seismic Bracket Kit

Offers an extra measure of stability

Fisherbrand™ Low-Cost Cast-Iron Tripod-Base Supports

Finished with chemical-resistant, baked, black enamel

Fisherbrand™ Iron-Ring Tripods


Fisherbrand™ Cast-Iron L-Shaped Base Support Stands Edge

With three mounting holes for supporting groups of equipment concentrated in a small space

Fisherbrand™ Iron-Wire Triangles

For heating crucibles

Fisherbrand™ Heavy-Duty Rectangular Cast-Iron Support

For maximum stability and molded polyethylene tray for spillage protection

Labconco™ Sash-Glider Kit

Used for cleaning both sides of biological safety cabinet«s sash while it remains closed, to avoid contamination risks

Labconco™ Interior Shelf

Durable stainless-steel construction

Labconco™ Replacement Aluminum Heater Pans for Forensic Enclosures

Accessories for use with CApture Portable Fuming System.

Eisco™ Stand and Rod Pack

Matched economy base and rod.

Labconco™ Recirculation Kit for Protector™ Filtered and Combination Glove Boxes

For use with the Protector Filtered and Combination Glove Boxes

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Compact Support Stand Edge

Noncorrosive, molded support stand provides a space-saving alternative to stands with cast iron bases

Eisco™ Premium Lab Metalware Set

Single package containing support equipment for any experiment.

Labconco™ Protector Glove Box Accessory Kits

Kits provided added functionality options for Protector glove boxes

Labconco™ Atmospure Tubing Kit

Tubing Kits connect AtmosPure Re-Gen Gas Purifier to glove box

Troemner™ Labjaws™ Support Stand with Rod

Stainless Steel Support Stand

Labconco™ AtmosPure™ Re-Gen Gas Purifiers

Produces ultrapure inert atmosphere for materials sensitive to moisture and/or oxygen

Mystaire™ Aura™ Main Filter Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For Aura™ Series Ductless Fume Hoods. Mystaire™ filters are manufactured to the strictest quality standards in the industry to ensure their capability to meet your application challenges.

Eisco™ Research Grade Retort Base and Rod Set

Available with various sized rods

Labconco™ Exterior Glove Port Covers

May be placed over glove ports with or without gloves attached to facilitate purge/fill operations and preserve inert atmosphere

Troemner™ Talboys™ Labjaws™ Holders for Clamps

Stainless steel, two-rod holder with center swivel capacity allows tilting of clamps at any angle in parallel planes.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Heavy-Duty Support Stand

Excellent for use in severe corrosive conditions, this corrosion-resistant polypropylene stand has no exposed metal parts

Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO Clean Bench Floor Stands Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Choose from fixed, manual and electrically adjustable floor stands for the Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO clean bench.

Troemner™ Talboys™ Labjaws™ Stainless Steel Double Buret Clamp

Stainless steel electro-polished finish clamp holds any size buret from micro to 100mL capacity

Fisherbrand™ Cast-Iron Rings

Cast-iron construction prevents breakage under normal use

Mystaire™ Aura™ Elite Series Ductless Fume Hood Gas Phase Filters

For Aura Elite Series 30, 42 and 54 in. Ductless Fume Hoods. Provides operator safety from potentially harmful fumes and odors.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Glove Box Clamping Rings

Adjustable rings hold gloves in place