Stands and Rings

Fisherbrand™ Cast-Iron L-Shaped Base Support Stands

With three mounting holes for supporting groups of equipment concentrated in a small space

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Compact Support Stand Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Noncorrosive, molded support stand provides a space-saving alternative to stands with cast iron bases

Fisherbrand™ Cast-Iron Rings

Cast-iron construction prevents breakage under normal use

Eisco 8 in. x 5 in. Steel Support Ring Stand with 3 Rings, 8 in. Length x 5 in. Width Base Size

EISCO Support ring stand set is for laboratory use, and contains a 8 in.x5 in. base, 20 in. x 3/8 in. dia rod, 3 Support rings Sizes (3 in., 4 in., and 5 in.) The set's rod is made of stainless steel, and it has a powder-coated base for durability.

EISCO Retort Base w/Rod

Research grade rod and stand kit.

Eisco Metalware Set

One each base, rod, boss head, clamp and retort ring.

Fisherbrand™ Heavy-Duty Rectangular Cast-Iron Support

For maximum stability and molded polyethylene tray for spillage protection

Fisherbrand™ Low-Cost Cast-Iron Tripod-Base Supports

Finished with chemical-resistant, baked, black enamel

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Heavy-Duty Support Stand

Excellent for use in severe corrosive conditions, this corrosion-resistant polypropylene stand has no exposed metal parts

GSC Go Science Crazy Cast Iron Support Ring Stand

Great for holding all sorts of lab equipment in a small space. The GSC Cast Iron Support Ring Stand is made from cast-iron, with an enamel finish that is acid resistant. Includes a zinc plated steel rod that screws into the base support.

Eisco Premium Lab Metalware Set

Single package containing support equipment for any experiment.

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ Tubing Support Stand

For use with tubing for Unispense™ Peristaltic Pumps

Eisco Superior Stand and Rod Set

The EISCO Superior Stand and Rod Set is a stand and rod for lab use.

Fisherbrand™ Split Cast-Brass Rings

Hold leveling bulbs safely with these cast-brass rings

Humboldt Support Stands

Rectangular based support stand for laboratory equipment

Troemner™ Cast Iron Support Stand Bases

Cast iron support stand base

EISCO Superior Stand and Rod Set

The EISCO Superior Stand and Rod Set is a stand and rod for lab use.

Troemner™ Talboys™ Labjaws™ Holders for Clamps

Stainless steel, two-rod holder with center swivel capacity allows tilting of clamps at any angle in parallel planes.

Eisco 2.5 in. Stainless Steel Retort Ring Closed with 6.5 in. stem

Eisco Labs 2.5 in. Stainless steel Retort Ring Closed with 6.5 in. stem, 0.25 in. diameter rod, Inside Diameter of ring 2 in. - Total Length is 9.125 in.

Eisco Premium Steel Base Retort Stand - 10x6 in.

This stand base is made of a lightweight, yet solid metal. An epoxy coating makes it chemically resistant. The stand contains a threaded opening at one end 6/16 in. in diameter.

Eisco Retort Stand Base and Rod Assembly

This premium steel “A” base provides a sturdy 3 point foundation for a wide array of lab activities that require stability and safety.

Troemner™ Labjaws™ Support Stand with Rod

Stainless Steel Support Stand

Troemner™ Stainless Steel Support Rod

Standard support rod with built-reinforced hook connector for use with stainless steel Double Buret Clamp. Clamp unit attaches to the support rod, which attaches to the optional porcelain base (sold separately). Rod (Dia x L): 1.3 x 57.8cm

Troemner™ Talboys™ Labjaws™ Open Ring Clamps

Ideal for supporting funnels, round bottom flasks, reaction vessels, and other apparatus that requires lower support

Eisco Steel Base Retort Stand - 2 Hole - 9x5.5 in.

2 hole retort base. One hole located center top of the base for standard ring stand use and the other centered along the long side for titrations and specific gravity determination. Measures 9x5.5 in.. 10x1.5mm metric thread tapped hole.

Troemner™ Talboys™ Labjaws™ Stainless Steel Double Buret Clamp

Stainless steel electro-polished finish clamp holds any size buret from micro to 100mL capacity

Troemner™ Open Support Rings

Lightweight rings mount funnels, boiling flasks, and other irregular-shaped objects to lab-frames

Fisherbrand™ Extension Ring Clamps

Shank of extension ring clamps to support rods with clamp holder

Eisco H-Shape Retort Stand

The “H” Shape Base Retort Stand provides a sturdy base for retort rods (rod not included).