Simple Microscopes

Fisher Scientific™ Illuminated Pocket Microscopes

A single mechanism generates a smooth and rock-solid focus

American Educational Products Illuminated Pocket Microscope Products for Science Education

Great for use in the classroom and to take along on field trips.

MicroBrite Microscope Products for Science Education

20x-40x pocket zoom microscope

MicroMax™ Microscopes Products for Science Education

Fit easily in your pocket to take anywhere.

GeoVision™ MicroPro™ 48-piece Microscope Set Products for Science Education

For investigating everything from cells to crystals.

Discovery Scope Products for Science Education

Science on the go!

Fisher Science Education™ Elementary Simple Prism Microscope Products for Science Education

Teach microscopy on a limited budget: this unique mirrored prism channels light to the objective.

GeoSafari™ Tuff Scope Trio Package Products for Science Education

This tough-stuff trio can handle whatever your class dishes out!

Lab Microscope Products for Science Education

Provides students with a lab-quality classroom science experience.

Brock Magiscope™ Products for Science Education

Simple design of this durable scope yields extraordinarily crisp, bright images.