Glucose Controls

Roche Diagnostics™ Glucose Controls for Accutrend Plus™ Meters

Easy-to-use controls monitor system accuracy

Roche Diagnostics™ ACCU-CHEK™ Inform II Linearity Test Kit

For periodic verification of linearity of ACCU-CHEK Inform II system using ACCU-CHEK Inform II test strips

Roche™ Diagnostics ACCU-CHEK™ Inform II Test Strips

Test strips for use with the ACCU‑CHEK™ Inform II POC Blood Glucose Meter

Roche Diagnostics™ ACCU-CHEK™ Inform II Controls

Can be used with ACCU-CHEK™ Inform II system with ACCU-CHEK Inform II test strips for performance

Stanbio Controls Set For Glycated Serum Protein Assay

For Glycated Serum Protein LiquiColor™ Assay

Trinity Biotech™ Moblie Phase Reagent

Designed for use with the Trinity Biotech ultra2 systems

Streck HQ-Chex Glucose and Hemoglobin Control

Specifically manufactured to evaluate accuracy and precision for HemoCue™ B-Glucose Analyzer, HemoCue B-Hemoglobin Photometer and HemoCue Hb201+

Trinity Biotech™ FASC Reference Material

Developed for in-vitro diagnostic use in Laboratory quality control program

Bayer™ Contour™ Control Solutions

For use only with Contour meter and test strips

Bayer™ Contour™ TS Control Solutions

Diabetic blood glucose control solutions