Parasite Testing

Alere Triage™ Micro Parasite Panel

Simultaneously detects each of the three common pathogenic parasites in 15 minutes

Cen-Med Parasitology Stool Transport Kit

Vials are used in the routine collection, preservation, and transportation, of stool specimens

Alere E. histolytica II Test Kit Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

State-of-the art ELISA test for the detection of Entamoeba histolytica pathogens in fecal specimens. Uses substrate, stop solution, and wash buffer that are interchangeable with other Wampole assays. This uniformity of reagents allows for ease-of-automation with microtiter processing systems.

Meridian Bioscience™ Para-Pak™ Stool Concentrator System Lab Supplies

General laboratory supplies for use in processing of stool samples

Meridian Bioscience™ Para-Pak™ Macro-CON™ Accessories

For use in Macro-CON concentration of eggs, larvae, and cysts

Meridian Bioscience™ Para-Pak SpinCon™ Concentration System Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Requires only one spin for recovery of protozoan cysts, trophs and helminth ova and larvae