Urine Reagent Tablets

Germaine Labs AimTab™ Ketone Tablets

For the semi-quantitative determination of Ketones (acetoacetic acid & acetone) in urine, serum, plasma and whole blood. Replaces the discountinued Bayer Acetest. Same test procedure at the Acetest™. Detects as little as 5mg/dl of acetoacetic acid in urine.

Alere Instant Bluing Tablets

Prevent adulteration prior to specimen collection

Germain Lab AimTab™ Reducing Substances Tablets

For the semi-quantitative determination of the amount of reducing substances (glucose, lactose, fructose, galactose, pentoses) in urine, stool, wine, or any other liquids. Tablets provides clinically useful information on carbohydrate metabolism. FOR FORENSIC USE ONLY.

Bayer™ CLINITEST™ Reagent Tablets

Quantitative method for measuring reducing substances in urine

Bayer ACETEST™ Reagent Tablets

Contain several ingredients for semi-quantitative measurement of ketones in urine