UV Microplates

Corning™ UV-Transparent Microplates Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Designed with a UV-transparent well bottom for determining protein and nucleic acid concentrations. Corning™ UV-Transparent Microplates allows UV absorbance readings with low background, especially at 260 to 280nm.

Greiner Bio-One UV-Star™ 384-Well Microplate Flat Bottom Microplate

Used for measuring protein concentration at 280nm.

Greiner Bio-One UV-Star™ 96-Well Microplates

Ideal for measurements of DNA / RNA and protein concentrations at 260 and 280nm, respectively. Greiner Bio-One UV-Star™ 96-Well Microplates are eliminate the use of expensive and fragile quartz glass for routine laboratory work.