First Responder Equipment and Supplies

Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ Wide-Mouth Bio-Tite™ 90mL (3 oz.) 53mm Specimen Containers

Prevent bio-hazardous spills with these leak-resistant wide-mouth containers, ideally suited for urine collection from women during pregnancy and for older or overweight patients.

Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ Narrow Mouth Bio-Tite™ 90mL (3 oz.) 48mm Specimen Containers

Prevent bio-hazardous spills while conserving laboratory space with these stackable containers, featuring a proprietary, all plastic, leak-resistant seal.

Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ Wide-Mouth Bio-Tite™ 120mL (4 oz.) 53mm Specimen Containers

Prevent bio-hazardous spills with leak-resistant wide-mouth containers, ideally suited for urine collection from women during pregnancy and for older or overweight patients.

Fisherbrand™ 4 oz. Specimen Containers

Supplied with a full-turn screw thread cap, which ensures an integrity seal

Honeywell™ North™ CPR Microshield Rescue Breather Resuscitation Devices

For more than a decade, the CPR Microshield™ has been the leader in CPR barriers. This CPR Microshield is packaged in an orange pounch.

ZOLL™ Medical Electrodes for AED Plus™ Defibrillators

For complete CPR and defibrillation delivery

ZOLL™ Medical AED Plus™ Defibrillator Packages

Provides both defibrillation and help with CPR in a cardiac arrest

Scott Safety™ Eagle Imager™ 160 and 320Thermal Imager Replacement Battery

Twist-change battery for use with this high-resolution thermal imaging camera

Honeywell™ North™ CPR Filtershield Filtered Mouth Barrier

Prevents the spread of bloodborne pathogens and acts as a bite block

Minigrip™ Minigrip™ Plain White Drawstring Bags

For small to mid-size patient belonging needs

MSA™ Evolution™ 5200 Thermal Imaging Camera

Delivers high-sense image quality up to 320°F, matching the temperature range at which most structural firefighting occurs

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Graduated Specimen Containers

Ideal for specimen collection, transportation and storage

DuPont™ Reinforced Table Covers

Sterile table covers reduce the risk of contamination in clinical and lab settings

RD Plastics Umbrella Bags and Stands

Umbrella bags help keep floors dry and help avoid slip and fall accidents

Amerex™ Halotron I Clean-Agent Stored-Pressure Fire Extinguishers

Most widely used Halon 1211 replacement agent

ANSUL™ Dry Chemicals

Dry chemicals are available to fight Class A, B, C, or D fires

LIFE™ OxygenPac™ Emergency Oxygen in Wall Case

For industrial and office workplace first aid programs, LIFE™ OxygenPac™ is simple and easy to use to give crucial lifesaving oxygen until medical help arrives.

Safety Solutions™ HazMat Smart-Strip™ Chemical Agent Identifying Badge

Instantaneous reaction time makes this chemical agent identifier ideal for first responders

Gardner Bender™ Cable Ties

Patented DoubleLock™ design has teeth on both sides of the tie, ensuring 50% greater strength than industry standards

Simulaids™ Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit

Ideal for terrorist-small-arms-attack response exercises

CMC Rescue™ LSP Miller Full-Body Splint

For use in confined space and on rescues

CMC Rescue™ Sked™ Stretcher Rescue System

Compact storage with ease of use and flexible in the mode of transport

ZING Enterprises™ Eco Fire Blanket - Tote Set

Over sized blanket is fire resistant and used to smother flames and cover injured victims.

Honeywell™ North™ Rescue Blanket

First-aid thermal blanket

ZOLL™ Medical AED Plus™ Trainer2

For CPR and first aid instructors to teach students on saving life with AED Plus