Gear and Duffel Bags

Brady™ Universal Rolling Case

Universal Rolling Case fits multiple Brady industrial benchtop printers.

Minigrip™ Patient Belonging Bags

Hold all of a patient's belongings, including outer clothing, when moving a patient from room to room

Pelican™ 1690 Transport Case with Foam

Offers open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight

RD Plastics Patient Belonging Bag

Clear or opaque LDPE plastic bags are roomy enough to hold all of a patient's personal belongings.

Ergodyne™ Ergodyne™ Arsenal™ Duffel Bags

Hold and separate turnout gear, equipment, and personal items

Pelican™ 1610 Case with Wheels and Foam

Offers open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight

Pelican™ Watertight Equipment Cases

Open-cell core with solid wall design

Pelican™ Small Micro-Cases

Polycarbonate construction makes it strong and durable

Brady™ TLS 2200™ and HandiMark™ Label Printers Accessory - Soft Case

Protect your portable label printer and keep accessories organized with this soft carrying case.

Brady™ Bradylite™ Utility Kit Compartment Replacement Case - 36 Kit

Bradylite™ Numbers and Letters are easily transported to and from the job site using Bradylite™ Utility Kits

Brady™ PowerMark™ Carrying Case

PowerMark™ Carrying Case keeps the device and accessories in one convenient case for portability.

Brady™ Bradylite™ Utility Kit Compartment Replacement Case

Designed to fit Bradylite reflective numbers and letters

Brady™ IDXpert™ Hard Cases

IDXpert™ Hard Cases are for use with ABC and Keyboard layout.

Minigrip™ Die-Cut Handle Bags

Low-density design provides cost-effective packaging for samples, paperwork or valuables

Minigrip™ Patient Valuables Bag

Protects patient's valuables from theft or loss

RD Plastics Clear Drawstring Bag

Clear drawstring bags allow for easy content identification and keep contents secure. Available unprinted or with histology biohazard markings.

Pelican™ 1200 Small Case

Lightweight cas is extremely strong, compact, and fully capable.

Pelican™ 1400 Small Case

Small cases are lightweight but extremely strong, compact, and fully capable. Ideal for for valuable gear like hand tools and small to medium electronic components, hand held GPS systems, and DSLR cameras.

Pelican™ S130 Sport Elite Laptop/Camera Divider Pack

With built-in watertight and crushproof case

Pelican™ 0350 Cube Cases

Extra deep, unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. It is made from Ultra High Impact structural copolymer that makes it extremely strong and durable.

Pelican™ 1780T Transport Case with Foam

Features watertight, dustproof case

Pelican™ 1630 Case with Foam

Unbreakable, watertight, hard case

Pelican™ 1450 Case w/Foam

Features ultra-high impact polycarbonate structural copolymer shell

Capital Safety™ DBI-Sala™ Carrying Bags

Safety harness accessory rope bags