Firefighting Hand Tools

Fire Hooks Unlimited Force Axes

Fiberglass axe features oversized head that makes hitting the strike zone easier

Fire Hooks Unlimited Hydrant Wrench

For opening and closing fire hydrants

Fire Hooks Unlimited Heavy Duty Contractor Bolt Cutters

For different cutting tasks including locks, chain links, reinforcing rods, bolts, rivets

Fire Hooks Unlimited Hooks

Hooks made to exacting NYFD requirements

Fire Hooks Unlimited O-Bar Kit

Features steel forged and welded construction with shock absorbing handle grip that holds Kerry key

Fire Hooks Unlimited HYDRA-RAM Tool

Powerful, lightweight forcible entry tool

Fire Hooks Unlimited Bolt Cutter

Contractor-quality cutter offers unique feel

Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro Bar

Pro bar made to exacting NYFD requirements

Fire Hooks Unlimited Kayo Battering Ramc/s™

With celtex shock-absorbing grips

Fire Hooks Unlimited Axe Holder

Features spring tension clasp

Ampco™ Safety Tool Kits

Nonsparking tools with Factory Mutual approval

Fire Hooks Unlimited Ringer-36 Overhaul Tool

Multifaceted overhaul tool suits numerous applications

Fire Hooks Unlimited Truckman's Axe

Fits all truckmans belts

Fire Hooks Unlimited Hammers

Used as tool for K-Tools, A-Tools and R-Tools

Fire Hooks Unlimited Marrying Strap

Used to marry ”IRONS“ (Axe and Pro-Bar) to each other so unit can be carried with one hand

Fire Hooks Unlimited Dry Wall Hook

Designed for dry wall removal of all types

Fire Hooks Unlimited Brass Window Punch

Features adjustable spring force for light or heavy loading

Fire Hooks Unlimited K-Tools

Designed (by a FDNY Fire Lieutenant & licensed locksmith) to pull all types of lock cylinders (rim or mortise) from various glass type or solid doors

Fire Hooks Unlimited Dynamic Foursome Forcible Entry Kit

Features 8 lb. Force Axe, 30 in. Pro bar, Marrying Strap and K-Took Kit