Immobilization Tools

Medique Rolled Wire Splint

Provides support for fractures and other injuries.

Medique Sam™ Multi-Purpose Splint

Easy-to-use splint for emergency situations.

Sked™ Basic Rescue System

For confined space, high angle, technical rescue and traditional land based applications

Sked™ HazMat/Decontaminable (HMD) Rescue System

Designed for use as a patient transport device in contaminated areas where maneuverability is difficult in Level A suits

Capital Safety DBI/Sala™ Rescue Cradles

For safe and quick removal of injured personnel

Oregon Spine Splints

Helps to safely remove patients from injury sites without doing further damage to the spine

Reeves™ Wheeled Litter Carrier

Easily transports injured victims over most terrain not accessible by vehicles

Sked™ Evac Tripod

Small head and extra-long legs for high performance

PMI™ Skedco Rescue Hauler

Designed to lift heavy rescue loads under demanding conditions

DBI/Sala Boatswains Chair

Boatswain's Chair with Seat Board and Tongue Buckle Belt with Back D-ring

Cascade Terrain Master

Transport patients faster and with fewer rescuers

Reeves™ 101 Flexible Stretcher

Designed as an easily conveyable patient transport device

Reeves™ Spine Board

Designed for patients with spinal and neck injuries

Reeves™ Sleeve II

Designed for rapid immobilization of spinal and neck injuries in tight places

Rescue Technology Rectangular Stokes Stretcher

Symmetrical design from end-to-end

Reeves™ Sleeve Dragable Stretcher

Immobilize patients with spine and neck injuries, lift patients out of tight spaces, or drag patients over rough terrain

Ambu™ Perfit ACE™ Extrication Collars

Ambu Perfit ACE combined with the Mini Perfit ACE offer an incredible 28 sizes that ensure patients can have an effective accurate fit

Ferno™ Universal Head Immobilizer

Simple to use, lightweight and easy to clean

Ferno™ Model 108 Pole Stretcher

Simplest pole stretcher available