Immobilization Tools

DBI/Sala Boatswains Chair

Boatswain's Chair with Seat Board and Tongue Buckle Belt with Back D-ring

Reeves™ Wheeled Litter Carrier

Easily transports injured victims over most terrain not accessible by vehicles

Ambu™ Perfit ACE™ Extrication Collars

Ambu Perfit ACE combined with the Mini Perfit ACE offer an incredible 28 sizes that ensure patients can have an effective accurate fit

Oregon Spine Splints

Helps to safely remove patients from injury sites without doing further damage to the spine

Reeves™ 101 Flexible Stretcher

Designed as an easily conveyable patient transport device

Cascade Terrain Master

Transport patients faster and with fewer rescuers

Sked™ Evac Tripod

Small head and extra-long legs for high performance

PMI™ Skedco Rescue Hauler

Designed to lift heavy rescue loads under demanding conditions

Sked™ HazMat/Decontaminable (HMD) Rescue System

Designed for use as a patient transport device in contaminated areas where maneuverability is difficult in Level A suits

Reeves™ Spine Board

Designed for patients with spinal and neck injuries

Capital Safety DBI/Sala™ Rescue Cradles

For safe and quick removal of injured personnel

Rescue Technology Rectangular Stokes Stretcher

Symmetrical design from end-to-end

Sked™ Basic Rescue System

For confined space, high angle, technical rescue and traditional land based applications

Reeves™ Sleeve Dragable Stretcher

Immobilize patients with spine and neck injuries, lift patients out of tight spaces, or drag patients over rough terrain

Reeves™ Sleeve II

Designed for rapid immobilization of spinal and neck injuries in tight places

Ferno™ HeadHugger™ Disposable Head Immobilizer

For services that have difficulty retrieving equipment

Ferno™ Vacuum Splint Kit

Provides best possible support with the least amount of effort