Microbiological Specimen Collection and Transport Systems

Copan Diagnostics FecalSwab™ Tube

For collection and transportation of fecal samples.

BD FecalSwab™ Collection, Transport and Preservation System of Enteric Bacteria

For the collection of rectal swab and fecal specimens and the preservation of enteric pathogenic bacteria during transport

Copan Diagnostics FecalSwab™ Cary-Blair Collection and Transport System

Convenient fecal swab and rectal swab collection system converts solid or semi-solid specimens into liquid form for enteric diagnostics. Copan Diagnostics FecalSwab is a convenient system for transporting fecal samples in small instrument-ready tubes saving space and making it easier to transport to the laboratory.

Greiner Bio-One Sterile Swab Tubes

Sterilized by irradiation. Greiner Bio-One Sterile Swab Tubes is suitable for collection and transport of non-human bacteriological, serological and cytological samples.

ITL BioMedical Safety SubCulture Unit 2

Needleless for a safer subculture technique.

Puritan™ Fecal Opti-Swab Collection and Transport System

For the collection, transport, and preservation of enteric bacteria. Puritan Fecal Opti-Swab Collection and Transport System are a ready-to-use, complete transport kit.

ITL BioMedical Transfer Cap Set

Safely and easily transfer sample from blood culture bottle to vacuum tubes. Perfect for labs using automated platforms.