Burner Accessories

Fisherbrand™ Wicks for Alcohol Burners Get IT Item

For use with alcohol burner.

Eisco Tripod Stand - Circular, 12cm. Dia

This rugged zinc plated iron tripod stand is 8.25 in. in height with a 4.75 in. diameter. The sturdy iron legs are detachable and come with rubber traction caps on them.

Argos Technologies StarFire Safety Burner Accessories

For use with StarFire ST and StarFire XT Safety Bunsen Burners

Eisco Bunsen Burner With Needle Valve - Natural Gas

Efficient, durable Bunsen Burner mounted on pressure die casted base. Comes with needle valve for simple flame adjustment. 5.5 in. Height x 3 in. Diameter base. Inlet tube diameter 13mm.

Argos FireStar™ Gas Cartridge Adaptor

For use with Argos Technologies FireStar gas cartridges

GSC Go Science Crazy Burner Tripod

Great design that provides stability by angeling the legs outward.

Neutec™ LabFlame IR Activated Bunsen Burner Accessory, Flame Shield

For use with LabFlame IR Activated Bunsen Burner

Neutec™ LabFlame IR Activated Bunsen Burner Accessory, Loop Tray

For use with LabFlame IR Activated Bunsen Burner

Argos FireStar™ Bunsen Burners Footswitch

Can be used in “standard” or “stop/start” mode, depending on the applications

Argos FireStar™ Gas Cartridges

Accessory for Bunsen burners

Self-Contained LPG Burner Butane Fuel Products for Science Education

Additional butane fuel canister for self-contained LPG burner.

United Scientific Supplies Alcohol Burner Stands Products for Science Education

Accommodate a variety of burner sizes.

Burner Stand Products for Science Education

For butane-powered micro burners.

American Educational Products Burner Tripods Products for Science Education

Provides support and distribute equal heat.

Wing Top Accessory Products for Science Education

Creates a fan-shaped flame for glass bending.