Gas Burners

Bunsen Burners, Meker

Designed to produce an extremely hot and stable flame

Bunsen Burners, Tirrill

Features wing nut on bottom of tube for gas adjustment and tube screws for fine adjustment of air to fuel ratio

EISCO Tirrill Bunsen Burner with Gas Control

Tirrill burners allow greater flexibility in the adjustment of the air-gas mixture

Fisherbrand™ accuFlame™ Natural Gas Burner

Stainless-steel grid top for better flame adjustment

Eisco Bunsen Burner With Flame Stabilizer

Quality lab gas burner mounted on a die casted zinc alloy base and with a brass flame stabilizer.

Eisco Burner Bunsen Meker: High Temperature

Ideal for lab work requiring a hotter flame than that attainable with a bunsen burner.

Fisherbrand™ Adjustable-Flame Burners Get IT Item

Ideal for very slow heating or quick boiling

Humboldt Bunsen Burner Get IT Item

High-quality nickel-plated die-cast zinc bases

Eisco™ Alcohol Lamp

Polyhedral with metal cap

Humboldt Meker-Type Burner

Provides extremely hot flame

Argos Technologies™ FireStar™ ST Bunsen Burners

Provides economical solution to Bunsen burner safety with footswitch or on/off button for easy ignition and shut off

Fisherbrand™ Economy Burners

Nonferrous, rustproof construction

Bunsen Burners with Flame Stabilizer

Expanded base prevents easy tipping, even with hoses connected

Eisco™ Basic Bunsen Burner, Natural Gas with Flame Stabilizer

Basic natural gas burner with flame stabilizer is ideal for lab work

Fisherbrand™ Standard Grid-Top Adjustable-Flame Burners

Separate models for artificial and LP gases

Humboldt Straight Tube Bunsen Burner

Noiseless burners allow separate control of both flame temperature and flame height

Eisco™ Simple Bunsen Burner, LPG

Simple, inexpensive gas burner is suitable for general lab.

Eisco Micro Bunsen Burner with Flame Stabilizer

This premium burner from Eisco is made with the lab and classroom in mind.

Bunsen Burners, Basic

Prevents easy tipping, even with hoses connected

Humboldt High Temperature Burner

Effectively forms intense hot blue flames without backflashes

Eisco™ Micro Bunsen Burner

Premium burner that is ideal for labs and classrooms

Bunsen Burners, Micro

Allows air ratio adjustments

Eisco™ Heavy Duty Bunsen Burner

Eisco™ Heavy Duty Bunsen Burner features heavy metal cast base for stability, nickel plated brass burner tube with rotatable air regulator, and cylindrical riffled connector.

Fisherbrand™ Small-Size Burners

For natural, artificial, and LP gases

Argos Technologies StarFire Gas Burners: Accessories

Accessories for use with Argos Technologies StarFire XT and StarFire ST Bas Burners

Argos Technologies™ FireStar™ XT Bunsen Burners

Can be operated with touch-free IR sensor, footswitch or using the on/off button

Neutec Group LabFlame IR Activated Safety Bunsen Burner

Optimized for use in microbiology laboratories

Neutec Group LabFlame Basic Safety Bunsen Burner

Optimized for use in microbiology laboratories

Neutec Group LabFlame+ IR Activated Bunsen Burner with Battery

Optimized for use in microbiology laboratories

Humboldt Micro Burner

Designed for micro-methods of analysis