UV Crosslinkers

Fisher Scientific™ UV Crosslinker AH

Provides a safe, time-efficient solution with a controlled amount of ultraviolet radiation

Fisher Scientific™ UV Crosslinker AH Bulbs

Bulbs for use with Fisher Scientific UV Crosslinker AH

Spectroline™ Microprocessor-Controlled UV Crosslinkers

Produce publication-quality results every time

UVP TL-2000 Translinker

One benchtop unit to fluoresce gels and bond DNA

UVP CL-1000 and CX-2000 Crosslinkers

UV crosslinking in only seconds

GE Healthcare UVC 500 UV Crosslinkers Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Reduces time required to fix nucleic acids on membranes from hours to less than a minute of UV exposure

Hoefer™ Ultraviolet Crosslinker

Safety interlock door prevents accidental exposure