Slide Storage Boxes

Fisherbrand™ Premium Microscope Slide Box

Store and transport 100 slides safely with durable ABS cases. Fisherbrand™ Colored ABS 100 Place Slide Boxes keep standard microscope slides in numbered, grooved slots. Provides safe, dust-free storage.

DWK Life Sciences Wheaton™ CryoFILE™ Tissue Vial Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes for batching and storing Wheaton CryoELITE Tissue Vials (Cat. No. 13-709-140)

Heathrow Scientific True North™ Freezer Slide Box Get IT Item

Store up to 100 slides in ultra-low temperatures. Fisherbrand™ True North™ Freezer Slide Box features durable polycarbonate, a steel clasp and a freeze-resistant foam lining. Grooved slots keep slides safely separated. Stackable and autoclavable.

Heathrow Scientific™ HS Storage Rack for 50-Place and 100-Place Slide Boxes

Create a file system for 50- and 100-place slide boxes. Heathrow Scientific Storage Rack makes organization of samples easy.

Fisherbrand™ Slide Box

Fits 100 slides

Heathrow Scientific™ True North™ Slide Box 25 Place

For safe storage and transport of 25 x 75 mm (3 x 1 in) slides. Heathrow True North Slide Box 25 Place is made of polycarbonate and includes friction fit lid.

Heathrow Scientific™ Tall Slide Box

For storage or transportation of standard size slides (25 x 75mm and 1 x 3 in.). Heathrow Scientific tall slide box is constructed of sturdy ABS Plastic with nickle clasp hinge for rugged use.

Mitchell Plastics Refrigerator Storage Box with Lock

Store drugs, reagents, liquids and other contents from unauthorized users with the electronic, touch pad lock or combination locks