Recorders and Integrators

Dickson™ SK4/SL4 Temperature Chart Recorders

Self-contained temperature recorders are portable, easy to use, and provide a permanent record of temperatures for recording long-term temperature trends

Dickson™ Super-Compact SC3 Temperature Chart Recorders

Compact recorder provides the accuracy and resolution required for regulatory compliance and quality control

Fisherbrand™ Fiber-Tipped Pens

For discontinued Fisher Scientific™ Recordall™ series 5000 recorders

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Temperature Chart Recorders Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Provides a permanent record, which is easy to read, duplicate, fax, scan and file. Fisherbrand Traceable Temperature Chart Recorders are single-use, disposable recorders for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, supply rooms, food storage, chemical warehouses, animal quarters, incubators, goods-in-transit, walk-in chambers, biological materials, and manufacturing plants.

Dickson™ 8 in. Data-Detail With Relay Temperature Chart Recorder

Electronic Relay sends alerts to wide range of electronic applications — for HVAC systems, alarm systems, power backup systems and auto-dialers

Dickson™ TH8 Remote Sensing Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Chart Recorder

Probe is perfect for tight locations, cleanrooms, and chambers

Dickson™ K-Thermocouple Sensing Chart Recorders

Reliable, valuable, and dependable chart recorder with replaceable sensor.

Fisherbrand™ Recordall™ Chart Paper

Chart Paper for Discontinued Fisher Recordall™ Series 5000 Recorders

Graphic Controls Recording Chart Paper: Hewlett-Packard™

Designed for clear and reliable data retrieval

Fisherbrand™ Temp1000 Series Temperature Recorders

Rugged, reusable, and fully submersible

Graphics Control Recording Chart Paper: Linear Instruments Corp.

Designed for clear and reliable data retrieval

Graphic Controls Recording Chart Paper: Shimadzu

Designed for clear and reliable data retrieval