Counting Devices

Fisher Science Education™ Hand Tally Counter Products for Science Education

Ideal for hundreds of lab applications, including counting blood samples, taking surveys, laboratory inventory, counting total drops of liquid, receiving lab samples and tallying biomedical events.

Fisher Scientific™ Counter Pen Products for Science Education

Touch, sound, and count simultaneously.

EISCO Two Speed Ticker Taper Timer Set Products for Science Education

Helps students to visualize distance, velocity, and acceleration versus time.

Fisherbrand™ Counter-Pen

Combination marker/digital counter suits both laboratory and plant use

Fisherbrand™ Key-Chain/Wrist-Strap/Belt-Clip Digital Counter

Designed for ease-of-use and failsafe counting

Fisherbrand™ Digital Counter

Solid-state construction and single, tactile-feel “click” button ensure accurate operation without gear and miscount problems

EISCO Ticker Tape Timer Accessory, Paper Tape Roll Products for Science Education

Convenient replacement roll tape.

Fisher Scientific™ Hand Tally Counters

Chrome-plated counter offers smooth, easy action

Fisherbrand™ Hand Tally Counter

For counting blood cells, drops of liquid, inventory items, etc.

United Scientific Supplies Hand Tally Counter Products for Science Education

Bright plastic case makes this hand tally counter lightweight yet sturdy.

AC Recording Timer Accessories: Carbon Discs Products for Science Education

Accesory for AC Recording Timer.

AC Recording Timer Products for Science Education

Very accurate for measuring speed and acceleration of a moving body.