Promega GloMax™ Explorer System

High-performance multimode detection instrument provides an easy-to-use means of measuring luminescence, fluorescence and visible absorbance from experiments.

Promega GloMax™ 20/20 Luminometer UV Fluorescent Module

UV Fluorescent Module enables the GloMax-20/20 to measure and analyze common fluorophores including Hoescht Dye 32258 and 4-MU.

Promega GloMax™ Discover System

Achieve high-performance with this easy-to-use multimode reader. The Promega GloMax™ Discover System is ideal for luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance, BRET and FRET applications.

Promega GloMax™ Discover or Explorer System Rental

For GloMax Discover or Explorer Instrument.

Promega GloMax™-Multi Jr Single-Tube Multimode Reader: Service Agreement

For GloMax-Multi Jr Single-Tube Multimode Reader.

Promega GloMax™ 96 Microplate Luminometers

Achieve high sensitivity and broad dynamic range. GloMax 96 Microplate Luminometer is a compact, easy to use, low cost luminometer which meets the need of all chemiluminescent and bioluminescent applications.

Promega™ GloMax™-Multi Jr Single-Tube Multimode Reader: Optical Kits

Modular system is easy to use, affordable and can be customized to meet a laboratory's application needs

Promega GloMax™-Multi+ Detection System with Instinct™ Software: 384-Well Optical Crosstalk Mask

For use with GloMax-Multi+ Detection System with Instinct Software.

Promega™ Turner Designs Luminometer Model TD-20/20 Accessories

For the now-discontinued TD-20/20 luminometer

Promega GloMax™-Multi+ Detection System with Instinct™ Software: USB Cable

For use with GloMax-Multi+ Detection System with Instinct Software.

Promega GloMax™-Multi+ Detection System: Fluorescence Module

Application-optimized Optical Kits simplify fluorescence operation while maximizing performance.

Promega GloMax™-Multi Detection System: Luminescence Module

An advanced photon-counting photomultiplier tube (PMT) provides unmatched signal-to-noise ratios, beating most standalone luminometers. Promega GloMax Luminescence Module has a dual masking system which minimizes well-to-well cross-talk.

Promega Dust Cover for GloMax™-Multi and GloMax-Multi+ Detection System

For use with GloMax-Multi and GloMax-Multi+ instruments.

Promega GloMax™-Multi Detection System: Absorbance Module

A six-position filter wheel with two open positions ensures flexibility for a wide range of applications. Promega Absorbance Module for GloMax-Multi Detection System has an LED-based visible spectrum light source which minimizes maintenance and variability.

Promega Promega GloMax™-Multi+ Detection System with Instinct™ Software: Power Supply

For use with GloMax-Multi+ Detection System with Instinct Software.

Promega GloMax™-Multi+ Installation and Operational Qualification

Includes series of formal instrument checks, written documentation of instrument functionality, and demonstration that the instrument functions according to its operational specifications.

Promega™ GloMax™ 20/20 Luminometry System

Touchscreen interface simplifies operation

Promega AuthentiMax™ Software for GloMax™-Multi+ Detection System

Microsoft Windows™-based software supports user authentication and electronic document integrity.