Viscometer Accessories

Cargille Laboratories Viscosity Tubes

For measuring viscosity

Cannon™ Viscosity Standards

Provide kinematic viscosities (in cSt or mm2/s), densities (in g/mL), and viscosities (incP or mPa/s) at many temperatures, ranging from -55° to +150°C. Cannon Certified Viscosity Standards are prepared in Cannon's ISO 9001:2000-registered and A2LA-accredited laboratory.

Koehler™ Instrument Viscosity Reference Standards

For calibration and verification of kinematic and dynamic viscosity test equipment, both manual and automatic

Fungilab™ Heldal Unit for Helicoidal Movement

Accessory to determine viscosity in products that do not flow easily.

Fungilab™ Viscometer Accessories: Small Sample Adapter

Allows accurate viscosity measurements with small volumes. Fungilab Small Sample Adapter consists of a cylindrical sample chamber and coaxial spindles.

Fisherbrand™ Viscometer Holders

For use with both calibrated and uncalibrated Cannon™-Fenske Routine, Cannon-Fenske opaque, Cannon-Manning semimicro and Cannon-Manning vacuum viscometers.

Cannon™ Cannon™ Cold-Cranking Simulator Standards

Synthetic base oil standards used to calibrate the Cannon Cold-Cranking Simulator (CCS) oil testing. Cannon CL Standards for Cold-Cranking Simulator provides certified dynamic viscosity data (in cP or mPa/s) at temperatures from -5° to -35°C.

Fungilab™ Stainless Steel Spindles

Accurately measure viscosities with these stainless steel spindles. Stainless Steel Spindles come in a variety of volumes and viscosity ranges.

Fisherbrand™ Viscometer Holders

For use with Cannon-Manning Vacuum and Asphalt Institute Vacuum viscometers.

Fungilab™ Support Stands for Flow Cup Viscometers

For use with Flow Cup Viscometers.

Fungilab™ Glass Thermometers for Viscoball and Hoppler Viscometer

Complete a Viscoball or Hoppler Viscometer setup with the appropriate thermometer of your choice. Glass Thermometers for Viscoball and Hoppler Viscometer come in a variety of temperature ranges.

Fungilab™ LCP Low-Viscosity Adapter for Fungilab Viscometers

Used with rotational viscometers to perform measurements on low-viscosity materials. Fungilab LCP Low-Viscosity Adapter allows you to perform accurate and reproducible measurements on low viscosity materials, from 1cP (mPas), as well as shear rate and shear stress determinations.

Fungilab™ Data Boss Software

Simple-to-use software designed to gather data from Fungilab viscometers. Fungilab Data Boss Software is a powerful tool to document and study the viscosity behavior of fluids. It allows you to program the viscometer for step (simple curves), ramp and multi-step curves.

Fungilab™ Carrying Case for Alpha Series Viscometers

For use with Alpha Series Viscometers.

Koehler™ Instrument Cannon™/E-Ubbelohde Semi-Micro Viscometer Holder

For use with Cannon/E-Ubbelohde Semi-Micro Viscometers.