Viscometer Accessories

Fisherbrand™ Viscometer Holders

For use with both calibrated and uncalibrated Cannon™-Fenske Routine, Cannon-Fenske opaque, Cannon-Manning semimicro and Cannon-Manning vacuum viscometers.

Fisherbrand™ Viscometer Holders for Cannon™-Manning Vacuum and Asphalt Institute Vacuum Viscometers

For use with Cannon-Manning Vacuum and Asphalt Institute Vacuum viscometers.

Cannon™ Cannon™ Viscosity Standards

Provide kinematic viscosities (in cSt or mm2/s), densities (in g/mL), and viscosities (incP or mPa/s) at many temperatures, ranging from -55° to +150°C. Cannon Certified Viscosity Standards are prepared in Cannon's ISO 9001:2000-registered and A2LA-accredited laboratory.

Cannon™ Cannon™ Cold-Cranking Simulator Standards

Synthetic base oil standards used to calibrate the Cannon Cold-Cranking Simulator (CCS) oil testing. Cannon CL Standards for Cold-Cranking Simulator provides certified dynamic viscosity data (in cP or mPa/s) at temperatures from -5° to -35°C.

Fungilab LCP Low-Viscosity Adapter for Fungilab Viscometers

Used with rotational viscometers to perform measurements on low-viscosity materials. Fungilab LCP Low-Viscosity Adapter allows you to perform accurate and reproducible measurements on low viscosity materials, from 1cP (mPas), as well as shear rate and shear stress determinations.

Koehler Viscosity Reference Standards

For calibration and verification of kinematic and dynamic viscosity test equipment, both manual and automatic

Fungilab Spindles for Small Sample Adapters

Stainless steel disc measuring system for relative viscosity measurements in a 600mL beaker.

Fungilab Data Boss Software

Simple-to-use software designed to gather data from Fungilab viscometers. Fungilab Data Boss Software is a powerful tool to document and study the viscosity behavior of fluids. It allows you to program the viscometer for step (simple curves), ramp and multi-step curves.

Fungilab Heldal Unit for Helicoidal Movement

Accessory to determine viscosity in products that do not flow easily

Fungilab Glass Thermometers for Hoppler Viscometer

Glass thermometers for a variety of temperature ranges.

Koehler™ Cannon™/E-Ubbelohde Semi-Micro Viscometer Holder Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For use with Cannon/E-Ubbelohde Semi-Micro Viscometers.

Fungilab Support Stands for Flow Cup Viscometers

For use with Flow Cup Viscometers.

Fungilab Viscometer Accessories: Small Sample Adapter

Allows accurate viscosity measurements with small volumes. Fungilab Small Sample Adapter consists of a cylindrical sample chamber and coaxial spindles.

Fungilab Carrying Case for Alpha Series Viscometers

For use with Alpha Series Viscometers.