Cleaning Validation Products

Hygiena Q-Swab™

All-in-one dilution and delivery device system for environmental sample collection

Hygiena Ultrasnap™ Surface ATP Swabs

Sensitive, accurate, and reliable single-shot device

Texwipe™ TOC Cleaning Validation Kits

Designed to simplify sampling for cleaning validation. Kits compatible for use with Sievers Model 800/900, Anatel ANATOC™, Teledyne Tekmar, OI Analytical Model 1010 and Shimadzu TOC-V Series™ TOC Analyzers.

Hygiena Aquasnap™ ATP Water Testing Device

User-friendly, self-contained ATP water sampling device used with the Hygiena luminometers

Hygiena PRO-Clean™ Rapid Protein Residue Test

Accurately monitor the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces to help ensure food safety and product quality. Simply swab a surface, release the reagent and if food residue is present the reagent will turn purple. Quickly validates hygiene of surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken.

Hygiena SnapShot™ ATP Devices

Sensitive, accurate, and reliable single-shot device

Hygiena SnapShot™ Universal ATP Surface Test

Designed to be compatible with luminometers of most manufacturers

Hygiena SpotCheck™ and SpotCheck Plus™ Color Hygiene Tests

Simple, easy, rapid, hygiene surface swabs that facilitate food safety, verify sanitation practices, and demonstrate due diligence.

Puritan™ DNA/RNA Shield™ Collection Tube with HydraFlock™ Flocked Swab

Used for collection and storage of samples. Puritan™ DNA/RNA Shield™ Collection Tube with HydraFlock™ Flocked Swab facilitates nucleic acid stability at ambient temperatures and provides microbial inactivation.

Hygiena Watershot™ Universal ATP Water Test

Designed to help companies conduct water testing with a luminometer other than a Hygiena ATP System