Sustainability Program

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How We Think Green

Recycle Bin


  • Recycling bins on every floor make it easy for employees to recycle glass, plastic and paper
  • A federally-certified outside recycler handles our surplus of IT equipment
  • A sweep resulted in 16 pallets of equipment being recycled


  • On weekdays, air conditioning and building lights are shut down from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. to reduce energy costs
  • During weekends, building lights and air conditioning are automatically turned down all day to save energy
  • By the removal of subfloor cable lines, it has freed up space for greater airflow and more efficient operation of air conditioning
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  • Implemented in late 2005, the Scheduled Shipment Program allows customers to reduce the number of physical shipments without changing ordering cycles
  • Formatting data tapes for electronic transmissions has reduced monthly shipments between United States and Canada

How You Can Think Green

Fisher Truck


  • Consolidate orders to lessen the usage of transportation, fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions
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  • Download literature electronically to reduce transportation and paper usage


  • Select electronic invoice and request electronic catalogs and literature


RightCycle™: Recycling Made Easy

Introducing RightCycle by Kimberly-Clark Professional —  a program that turns hard-to-recycle products in to useful, eco-friendly items.

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Help Us Save More on Paper

Fisher Scientific has reduced paper consumption by converting print material to a digital format. More than 950 digital brochures and other literature can now be downloaded. For the 2013-2014 catalog, we are reducing the number of print copies by more than 40%.

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Headline Discoveries, the Fisher Science Education free digital magazine, brings real-world science into classrooms through informative articles on current events in science.

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Fulfill all of your needs in the lab and catch up on the latest science news with LabReporter. Request to receive the digital or print edition.

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