Finding the Right Cryostat

Multiple factors affect your decision to purchase a specific cryostat, and this overview of features and options may help you find the equipment best suited to your applications.

Temperature Control

Consistent sample temperature provides reliable section quality, and cryostats have various cooling mechanisms:

  • Chamber cooling is most common; be aware that temperatures fluctuate when the chamber door is open
  • Models that cool both the chamber and the sectioning surface help to maintain temperature stability and optimal section quality

Sectioning Quality

  • A vacutome creates a gentle air tunnel under the anti-roll plate during sectioning to help with curling — a common challenge with frozen sectioning
  • Choose quality blades to maximize your cutting performance and to achieve faster ribboning, increased longevity, and reliable consistency

Ease of Use

  • If the user will be sectioning for long periods of time, choose a cryochamber with adjustable height to ensure proper ergonomics
  • Motorized sectioning is often an option and may be helpful, especially for very repetitive or extended sectioning


  • UV light disinfection effectively protects users against surface contamination
  • Cold disinfection is available with some units: the cold cryochamber is filled with a nonhazardous hydrogen peroxide-based fog to quickly, safely, and thoroughly disinfect even areas missed by the UV light

Mechanical Systems and Maintenance

  • Traditionally, cryostats have been cooled using single- or dualcompressor systems
  • Some newer models offer a Peltierbased cooling system for faster response times, greater energy efficiency, and lower compressor maintenance costs

The Thermo Scientific CryoStar NX Family of Cryostats

Unmatched sectioning quality, ergonomics, and safety are available in three models to fit your budget and applications.

They offer:

  • Optimized sectioning quality — new design and rapid response temperature control
  • Improved ergonomics designed for user comfort
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Optional height adjustment, vacutome, and UV and cold disinfection options
  • User-friendly touchscreen and interface

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