Milli-Q IQ 7003/7005: Minimize Complexity, Magnify Your Focus

From improving productivity to reducing environmental impact, the new MilliporeSigma Milli-Q™ IQ 7003/7005 system offers a fully-integrated pure and ultrapure lab water solution designed to exceed the most demanding applications.  

Fewer Contaminants for Greater Confidence

The Milli-Q IQ 7003/7005 system is designed with purification media, hydraulics and enhanced software capabilities, delivering two types of purified water directly from the tap. The system gives you confidence in quality, helping to ensure you won’t have to repeat experiments.

Reduced Stagnation for Increased Protection

Using a redesigned and more advanced storage solution, the Milli-Q IQ 7003/7005 system protects your stored water, reducing stagnation and the risk of bacterial contamination.

New key features include:

  • Automatic recirculation of stored water within the purification loop
  • A more seamlessly integrated vent filter that provides improved protection against airborne contaminants
  • A built-in automatic sanitation module (ASM) with a mercury-free ech2o UV lamp that regularly irradiates stored water and tank walls

Minimal Effort for Maximal Efficiency

This single-system setup supports up to four ergonomic and easy-to-use Q-POD and E-POD dispensers, giving you access to purified water throughout the lab, even on distant benches. The compact purification unit and tank can be stored on the wall or under the counter, leaving benchtops free of clutter for an optimized lab space and a more efficient working environment. Also, the POD’s smartphone-like touchscreen interface allows you to view essential system functions with ease.

By integrating powerful data management capabilities, this system simplifies and automates data storage using internal memory, eliminating the need for log books or manual tracking. Reports such as individual dispensing events, daily quality measures and the complete system history can be created and conveniently exported using the POD screen’s USB port.

Less Waste for More Sustainability

As the first and onlymercury-free tap-to-ultrapure water system on the market, the Milli-Q IQ 7003/7005 contains patented ech2o UV lamps to photo-oxidize organic contaminants and control bacteria. These environmentally friendly lamps are far more compact than those used previously, allowing for a system that’s 25 percent smaller overall.

The system’s IPAK Quanta™ purification cartridges are also 33 percent smaller than before. Therefore, less plastic is required for manufacturing and packaging, reducing shipping costs and waste. Other features like online documentation help reduce paper use, while the unique Lab Close mode hibernates the system to reduce water and electricity consumption. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification system and its recovery loop optimize water recovery, also minimizing water use.

In the United States, the ech2o™ Collection and Recycling Program helps reduce the environmental impact of lab water purification cartridges and filters. MilliporeSigma remains the only lab water system provider that offers the option to fully recycle exhausted cartridges and filters, which can help you minimize your waste stream.

Additional Features for Improved Reliability

  • Delivers ultrapure water that is consistently ion free at the sub-ppb level and with low Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels (≤2 to ≤5 ppb)
  • Continuous resistivity measured in-line (0.01cm-1 cell constant and thermistor sensitive to 0.1°C) and displayed on the POD touchscreen
  • Equipped with an ech2o mercury-free UV oxidation lamp, recently redesigned for greater accuracy
  • Complies with USP and EP suitability tests for range and precision

In October 2018, the Milli-Q™ IQ 7003/7005 system officially replaced the Milli-Q Integral system, being the first in a new series of pure and ultrapure water systems to include higher flow rates and a range of tank sizes.

Milli-Q IQ 7003

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