The Anatomy of Miltex Scissors

The Miltex name is synonymous with premium surgical instrumentation. Skilled craftsmen forge these products to exacting specifications from high-quality stainless steel. The SuperCut and tungsten carbide lines include scissors, needle holders, forceps, rasps, and other specialty patterns. Choose Miltex scissors for general surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, dentistry, veterinary, and many other uses.

Blade Choices

Carb-N-Sert (Tungsten Carbide)

Carb-N-Sert Scissors have tungsten carbide inserts bonded seamlessly to the upper and lower blades. These premium-grade scissors offer precision cutting performance and the durability of tungsten carbide cutting edges.

These scissors provide considerable cost savings through their consistently superior performance and extended service life. Carb-N-Sert Scissors are easily identified by their gold ring handles.


SuperCut Scissors have a razor-sharp upper blade edge that easily cuts through tissue while the micro-fine serrations on the lower blade hold tissue and prevent slippage. SuperCut Scissors have two black ring handles.

SuperCut Scissors should only be used to cut tissue. Proper handling will ensure a lifetime of service, and regular re-sharpening — a service Miltex provides — is recommended.

Combination SuperCut/Carb-N-Sert

Combination scissors offer the durability of tungsten carbide edges with SuperCut performance. SuperCut/Carb-N-Sert Scissors have one short and one long gold-plated ring handle.

Blade Design

The tungsten carbide inserts are seamlessly bonded to high-quality stainless steel and then precisely ground and honed on diamond wheels. SuperCut Scissors have a finely beveled blade with a razor-sharp edge and an opposing blade with micro-fine serrations to prevent tissue slippage and facilitate effortless cutting. (A)

Strength and Hardness

Miltex scissors are manufactured for greater Rockwell hardness, instrument durability, and long-lasting sharpness. (B)

Screw Lock

Fully tempered precision screw locks maintain perfect alignment. (C)

Laser Etching

The catalog number and company logo are marked on every pair of Miltex scissors using advanced laser techniques that do not damage the instrument. (D)

Ergonomic Design

Designs combine weight, balance, and feel for optimal comfort and performance. (E)

Ring Handles

Well-rounded and polished, the handles help prevent hand fatigue. The gold and black finishes also differentiate the blade types. (F)

The Anatomy of Miltex Scissors

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