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Quality Safety Products When You Need Them

The Get-It Program provides you with quick access to the most commonly used safety products from the industry's leading manufacturers. They're stocked and ready to ship from one of our warehouses usually within 24 hours.

Why rely on Fisher Scientific's Get-It Program? It's not just about getting the products that you need, when you need them – because most any supplier can ship you products. It's because Fisher Scientific understands what you do and how you do it. That's why we make every effort to help:

  • Eliminate your administrative headaches
  • Reduce downtime created by backorders
  • Streamline your purchasing process
Personal Protective Equipment

No two jobs are the same, that's why selecting the appropriate personal protective equipment is so important. Fisher Scientific works with over 1,000 well-respected manufacturers to provide a wide variety of head-to-toe personal protective equipment products that meet or exceed requirements for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as well as other safety standards.

Wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment is critical for employee well-being and safety. Fisher Scientific is a leading provider of occupational health and safety products and works very closely with leading manufacturers to ensure that employees have access to personal protective equipment that not only meets OSHA and ANSI standards, but allows them to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Personal Protective Equipment


Eye and Face

OSHA requirements state that employers must provide suitable eye and face protection for employees exposed to flying particles, dusts and mists, chemical or molten metal splash or splatter, injurious radiation, blood or other potentially infectious materials.  

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Personal Protective Equipment Gloves


OSHA standards state that employers shall select and require employees to use appropriate hand protection when employees' hands are exposed to hazards such as skin absorption of harmful substances.

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Personal Protective Equipment Earplugs and Muffs

Earplugs and Muffs

According to OSHA standard 29CFR1910.95, employers must establish hearing conservation programs for employees exposed to an 8-hour TWA (time-weighted average) of 85dB(A) or greater. Hearing protectors offered by Fisher Scientific are tested in accordance to ANSI S3.19-1974.

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Personal Protective Equipment Apparel


Protective apparel provides a safety barrier critical to maintaining employee well-being. Fisher Scientific offers a selection of both disposable and reusable apparel that can provide general protection, as well those affording chemical and flame resistance.

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Personal Protective Equipment Hard Hats


Appropriate secondary footwear is essential in protecting employees from wet environments that could include harsh chemicals, but it also helps prevent dangerous slips, trips and falls.

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Personal Protective Equipment Hard Hats

Hard Hats

Industrial head protection meeting ANSI Z89.1-2003 must be worn to reduce the force of impact. Fisher Scientific offers a lightweight, yet comfortable Type I helmet from leading manufacturers.

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Personal Protective Equipment Respirators


OSHA 29CFR1910.134 requires employers to establish and maintain a respiratory protection program that meets the criteria set forth in the regulation. Respirators used in such programs must be NIOSH/MSHA approved, and employees must be trained in their use — and for negative- or positive-pressure fitting respirators, employees must be fit tested. 

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Facility Safety

How and where you perform your job is just as important as what you do. Workplace safety is a key factor in protecting workers, and minimizing risk and containing costs due to workplace accidents and injuries. Fisher Scientific embraces the same philosophy for workplaces as we do for personal protection by offering floor-to-ceiling safety solutions to help make each workplace a safe environment. 

Fisher Scientific is keenly aware that the "health and well-being" of your facility is just as important as the employees that work there. Mitigating or eliminating potential hazards is of the utmost importance to ensure employee safety, as well as minimizing lost production time. The Get-It program features a number of products that can help you meet OSHA requirements as well as other workplace-related regulations.

Facility Safety

Facility Safety Cleaners

Cleaners and Sanitizers

Infection control in the workplace is increasingly important in ensuring employee health and wellness. The Get-It program features popular surface and hand sanitizers to help reduce germs and other contaminants, as well as maintaining facility upkeep and appearance.

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Facility Safety Eyewashers


Eyewashes are a perfect enhancement to your current OSHA-level eye and face protection program. Make sure to check the Get-It program for a selection of eyewash products that can help with ANSI standard compliance and reduce severity of eye injuries should they occur.

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Facility Safety First Aid and Medical

First Aid & Medical

OSHA requires that employers provide readily-available first aid supplies to help deal with accidents encountered in the workplace. The kits and supplies featured in the Get-it program are stocked to provide basic first aid to workplace areas with 25 to 50 employees.

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Facility Safety Hazardous Materials Storage and Handling

Hazardous Materials Storage & Handling

Safety cans are designed to permit safe handling, storage, transport or disposal of flammable liquids — while also controlling flammable vapors. View our selection of cans and accessories to help you safely manage flammable liquid usage in your workplace and meet OSHA requirements.

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Facility Safety Material Handling

Material Handling

Moving materials safely in your facility or lab (from hazardous chemicals to common-use items) is key in reducing dangerous spills, slips, trips and falls. The Get-it program features a variety of carts and liquid handling equipment to help minimize these types of accidents within your workplace as well as boosting employee productivity.

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Facility Safety Signs and Tags

Signs & Tags

OSHA 29CFR1910.145 requires the use of safety signs to indicate and define specific hazards. Make sure to visit the Get-it program frequently for new additions to this area.

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Facility Safety Spill Control and Containment

Spill Control & Containment

Both the EPA and OSHA view emergency spill control equipment as necessary for handling liquids that are classified as flammable, corrosive, reactive, toxic or potential pollutants. 

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Facility Safety Towels and Wipers

Towel & Wipers

Every workplace relies on towels and wipers for a variety of activities — from drying employee hands to task wipers designed for delicate instruments. Check out the Get-It program for a listing of these ready-to-ship items to help keep your employees prepared for the task at hand. 

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Waste Disposal

Depending upon the type of waste, OHSA, as well as other federal, state and local agencies have requirements that should be considered before disposal actions occur. Our product selection addresses the most commonly found waste: biohazard, sharps and glass.

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Controlled Environments

Fisher Scientific is very aware of the specialized requirements and demands placed upon employees as well as their workspace within a controlled environment. The very nature of their work dictates that safety solutions meet or exceed stringent standards like the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That's why Fisher Scientific selects products from only top-name manufacturers recognized within the controlled environments industry. 

Fisher Scientific offers a wide array of reusable and disposable products utilized within various production environments—including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, semiconductor and electronics industries. The Get-It program brings together our most popular controlled environments products in one convenient place.

Controlled Environments



Fisher Scientific strives to offer products that help our customers maintain their ISO 14644-1 cleanroom classification — especially as it pertains to employee apparel. Choose from a selection of the most popular disposable sterile and non-sterile personal protective equipment.

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Controlled Environments Housekeeping & Matting

Housekeeping & Matting

Manage particulate contaminants from entering your cleanroom. View adhesive matting and specially designed floor mops available through the Get-it program.

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Controlled Environments Sterilization


Eliminating small instrument and equipment contamination is easily accomplished via steam or EtO sterilization. Convenient heat-seal or self-sealing pouches with sterilization indicators available through the Get-it program help ensure that your instruments are contamination free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what products are a part of the Get-It Program?

Fisher Scientific has worked hard to assemble a wide assortment of equipment and personal protective products. There are three easy ways to learn more about the products:

  • Contact your sales professional
  • Contact our Customer Service team
  • Type "Get It" into SEARCH

Will the Get-It Program apply to any quantity?

Get-It covers "normal" order levels. For a single order that is unusually large, lead time will be reviewed. Our Customer Service team can assist you in evaluating any large orders that you place to determine lead time and delivery schedule.

How do I sign up for the Get-It Program? Do I need to note anything on a purchase order?

You do not have to do anything! The Get-It Program is absolutely free – no hidden fees, up charge or special ordering requirements. You simply select and order – it's that simple!

What if I mark the purchase order "ship complete?"

If we receive your order and you've requested only one shipment (ship complete at one time), Fisher Scientific will review the selected products to determine the longest lead time. If all of your product selections are part of the Get-It Program, then Get-It lead times will apply. However, if not all selected products are part of the Get-It Program, then the product with the longest lead time determines the ship date for the order.

What if I want a specific ship date?

The Get-It Program is designed to provide you with a focused product offering available for quick shipment. Should you require a future ship date for any reason, Fisher Scientific will accommodate the later requirement.