Apply for the New Lab Start-Up Program


The New Lab Start-Up Program gives you access to special offers that save you time and money and services to keep your lab running smoothly.

See if You Qualify

To qualify for the New Lab Start-Up Program, you must have done one of the following in the last 12 months:

  • Built or established a new lab
  • Received your first research grant
  • Moved to a new location

Because many non-hospital institutions have affiliations with healthcare professionals (HCPs), we need to validate that your lab’s activity, personnel, and purchasing are not considered HCPs prior to admission into the New Lab Start-Up program.

To qualify, the following must be true:

  • You are not a healthcare professional*
  • All lab personnel are not healthcare professionals
  • Purchasing for your lab is entirely separate from patient care, i.e. purchasing for the lab does not go through a department or team that makes purchases for areas of the institution involved in patient care
  • Research conducted in the lab is not connected to clinical trials, patient care, patient treatment, or patient diagnosis


There are two steps required to complete the New Lab Start-Up application process. To be considered for the acceptance into the program, you must do BOTH of the following::

  • Complete the form on this page
  • Download and copy the most fitting version of the provided text from the links below onto your institution’s letterhead
    • Complete the required fields
    • Obtain the appropriate signature
    • Email the completed form to, citing the applicant’s name and Fisher Scientific business account number in the subject line

Validate my lab within my broader institution is not an HCP
Validate my entire institution is not an HCP

*The New Lab Start-Up Program as currently structured is restricted from current or potential healthcare customers, including at this time all hospitals. A healthcare professional is defined as any person or entity (a) authorized or licensed in the United States to provide healthcare services or items to patients or (b) who is involved in the decision to purchase, prescribe, order, or recommend medical technology in the United States. This term includes individual clinicians (for example, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, among others), provider entities (for example, hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers), and administrative personnel at provider entities (for example, purchasing agents).


I hereby acknowledge that by submitting this form to Fisher Scientific, the information provided is accurate and that I am starting a new laboratory.

These promotions are not available to our current or potential healthcare customers. Healthcare customers include any healthcare practitioner, other healthcare provider or any individual or organization authorized to prescribe, dispense, purchase or influence the acquisition or use of medical devices or supplies for clinical use. Healthcare customers include, without limitation, any “Health Care Practitioner” under the Massachusetts Marketing Code of Conduct Law (defined at 105 C.M.R §907.004) or a “Health Care Provider” under the Vermont Prescribed Products Gift Ban and Disclosure Law (defined at Vt. Stat. Ann. tit. 18, §4631a(8)). By participating in any of these promotions, you warrant that you are not a current or potential healthcare customer. Thermo Fisher reserves the right to determine your status in the event of a dispute.


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