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Overview & Portfolio

Quality and Compliance, from Order to Delivery

With Production Solutions, your supply is secure.

We strengthen your supply chain to deliver quality and regulatory compliance. Our broad portfolio of products, which scale-up with your operations, are sourced from world-class suppliers who provide cGMP support through quality documentation, traceability and change notifications.

Bulk-regulated production chemicals are provided by Doe & Ingalls.


Customer Care Management

Our dedicated Production Team is available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET to ensure security of your supply and
on-time delivery.


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Supplier & Quality Management

We support your regulatory and quality requirements by maintaining consistent processes that ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products.


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Customer Inventory & Storage

We mitigate risk by providing you with a customized inventory strategy and locally stocked inventory to meet your cGMP production requirements.


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Material Handling & Logistics

We offer tailored shipping, storage and handling solutions that increase efficiency, decrease cost, and meet your cGMP quality requirements. 


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Top Categories

Customer Care

Customer Care Management

Let our dedicated production team of account managers, customer care specialists, supplier and quality managers, inventory personnel and logistics professionals ensure on-time delivery and the security of your supplies.

  • The Account Manager is your single point of contact and works closely with sales and operations to manage production and quality requirements
  • A Customer Care Specialist Team is available to you through a dedicated phone number and email
  • Customer-Specific Playbooks capture your item/account requirements, including certificates, lot management, change notification, pallet architecture and delivery
  • Automatic Notifications detailing product certificates and changes are emailed to you, and quality certificates are also available on
  • A Custom Warehouse Quality Audit Checklist prepared when you sign up is used to check every order you place before it ships
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Supplier & Quality

Supplier and Quality Management

Our supplier qualification, management and re-evaluation process allows us to be your single source of qualified suppliers and products.

  • Our Qualification Process ensures supplier reliability and compliance through on-site audits, surveys, financial stability assessments, and an evaluation of each supplier’s ability to support your production requirements
  • cGMP-based Supplier Quality Agreements with suppliers feature a QMS sufficient to maintain adherence to regulations
  • Supplier Business Reviews and Scorecards continually assess the health of the supplier’s ability to meet the cGMP-based quality agreement and ensure your security of supply
  • Change Notification adherence with 6- and 12-month lead times is provided on products purchased through Fisher Scientific
  • Quality Documentation and Certificates from suppliers are provided to you, ensuring conformance to your material specifications
  • Supplier Engagement facilitates CAPA management and issue resolution using QMS-based tracking
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Customer Inventory

Customer Inventory and Storage

Our customized stocking strategies are designed and implemented for you based on your account and item-level needs, ensuring security of supply and on-time delivery.

  • Customer Reserved Inventory at your local warehouse for frequently purchased critical items
  • Lead Times provided and managed for items that are purchased less frequently so they can be fulfilled through your local warehouse according to your requirements
  • Single/Minimal Lot Management ensures accurate item identification, quality, and traceability 
  • Consigned and Vendor-Managed Inventory Solutions provide you with another option for fast and accurate management of items on a need-to-use basis
  • A Broad Distribution Footprint of 13 U.S. locations strategically placed within proximity to most customers, allowing for efficiencies and delivery within 6 hours
  • Available ISO and GDP Warehousing ensures quality, reliability and compliance with ISO 9001:2008 as well as 21 CFR 210, 211 and 820
  • Custom Warehouse Quality Audit Checklist processed and documented with every shipment
  • Temperature Controlled and Hazardous Materials Storage offers clean, pest-controlled environments with controlled ambient- and cold-storage areas
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Material Handling

Material Handling and Logistics

We can solve your space constraints by stocking deduct-and-hold items in a controlled warehouse for emergency same-day delivery and compliance with all cGMP audits.

  • Customized Storage and Labeling Solutions provide barcodes, labels, part numbers and more based on your specific item and account requirements
  • HTP & Poly Palletization ensures that your products are stored and shipped on pallets that are free of harmful chemicals, contaminants and insects
  • A Dedicated Delivery Fleet of over 100 strategically-routed trucks meets your fast-paced demands in production
  • Standard Next Day On-Time Delivery for orders placed before 2 p.m. provides predictability and accurate production planning
  • Emergency Same-Day Delivery is available for stocked production items in the event of an emergency
  • Recycling and Waste Management Solutions allow you to use space and resources more efficiently
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