Save 20% When You Buy 2 or More qPCR Workflow Products


Get 20% off when you purchase two or more qualifying Applied Biosystems™ or Invitrogen™ qPCR workflow products from at least two categories. Order using the catalog numbers below and enter promo code QPCR4LESS at checkout.

NOTE: Discounts taken off list price.

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To take advantage of this promotion for the following assays, add the assay to your cart from this page. Then visit to acquire the Assay ID you will need at checkout.

4453320, 4448892, 4331182, 4351372, A25576


Isolation Reagents

DNA Sythesis

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Discount valid on the purchase of list-price items only through orders. One-time use only from September 1, 2021 through February 28, 2022. All promotions and discounts are on Fisher Scientific cart items only.

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